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In the spirit of Halloween, wondering if anyone else works on a haunted unit? I've been told we have a ghost in the wall of a room that weans oxygen. By morning, patient is no longer on O2, but neither the nurse, the... Read More

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    Artsmom, I am creeped out by that... I can picture it. I would be so scared finding that patient like that...
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    Quote from Erindel
    Artsmom, I am creeped out by that... I can picture it. I would be so scared finding that patient like that...
    I was scared, it was so creepy! I never believed in ghosts before coming a nurse, in LTC, on the night shift. There are some creepy on goings!
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    Quote from lizashleyc
    Subconsciously, this bias results in Nurse A avoiding room #13 more often than she should. The patient might be a very weak, elderly man who is receiving a new antibiotic, but instead of coming in to assess his IV line in a timely manner and to assess the patient's overall status, the nurse decides she'll just go check another patient down the hall first because she is the only one in that specific hallway and she feels a bit creeped out.
    I think it could be a valid concern, if people actually did get creeped out by the ghost stories, but everyone I've ever known thought they were fun. After all, the ghosts are usually friendly.

    I think it's more likely people avoid certain rooms to avoid having to put on and take off isolation gear.

    To me,the stories are like going to New Orleans or Savannah and taking one of the ghost tours or getting a room at a haunted hotel. Fun!
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    Supposedly, but I've never seen any evidence.

    And for any resident ghosts at my facility, this is NOT an invitation to suddenly show yourself. I'm quite happy being kept in the paranormal dark.

    As far as Room 13 superstitions, the first psych facility I worked at had no Room 13 because so many clients would freak out if they were assigned to that room. My current facility, room 13 (113, 213, etc) on each floor is a storage closet.
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    We had a crazy occurrence in my ICU. We have windows between our patient rooms so that, if we are in patient #1's room, we can see the patient and monitor in room #2. All nurses are familiar, I assume, with the practice of opening a window after someone passes so their spirit can escape the room? And sometimes we open them early to "encourage" patients whose bodies are done but their spirits hold on? Well, we had one such patient.. but we neglected to open his window. He passed late one night, and at the moment of his passing, the glass between his room and the next shattered. We never forget to open windows anymore.
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    At my current place, there is no room 13. It hours 12, 12s, 14.
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    In regards to room superstitions...we have a room 13, but it's rooms 14, 19 and 20 that are the ones to avoid...for whatever reason those rooms have all of the crazy patients, or the patients who will code on you.

    Our workplace is supposedly haunted. We have employees who have seen a black figure with glowing red eyes...and also a white figure with glowing red eyes. Patients have seen these figures, too. I haven't seen anything...only witnessed TVs coming on and call lights randomly going off in unoccupied rooms...
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    I did med/surg clinicals at a medium-sized rural hospital in GA during my 2nd semester of nursing school. I was assessing a middle-aged female pt, can't recall her diagnosis now, but she was in a private room. During the assessment, which was going fine, the patient suddenly looked off to the side and said, "Can you hear him? He's whispering in my ear. Can you hear him?" Thinking she was "off" (which she probably was), I asked, "which ear?" She indicated her left ear and said and kept insisting, "Can you hear him? Can you hear him?"

    I stood up, and stated, "Maybe your BP is up. Let's check it." (Swishing in ear - could have sounded like whispering?) I started toward the rolling monitor. There was a sudden slam. The nearby 6 ft cabinet, which is used to hold pt property and hang clothes, had opened about 2 inches and slammed shut. I immediately approached the cabinet and opened the door. It was empty. Pt stared at me. We had both heard it. I said something about construction going on in the hospital (didn't say it was in the far opposite wing), took the BP (it was fine) and sat back down to finish the assessment. Pt remained quiet about voices. My clinical mind wrote the incident off to the construction, and I suppose that was the cause, but I sometimes still wonder about that door...
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    Right after having my son (I was 23) I developed a very severe case of pneumonia and was placed in ICU. I spent most of the week sleeping (of course) but would have horrible night mares every night. One night I was AWAKE just relaxing and I saw a man walk in, turn off my oxygen (without it I couldn't breathe) look at me, say goodbye, and walk out of the room. I started pounding the call light and of course began to panic. The nurse rushed in, looked at my oxygen and asked why I had turned it off, turned it back on made sure it was fitting right and asked if I was ok (she could see I was freaking out). I told her that an old man had walked in, turned it off said goodbye and walked out---by this point I was in TEARS. I felt more assaulted than anything and panicked that some stranger could walk in, turn off my O2 and no one saw!!!! She was shocked, and said NO ONE had come into my room, she was watching it while charting. I was insisting that had happened, I knew what I saw. I described the man to her and her face turned white. She told him a man who looked like that had passed a few nights ago in the room next to mine.
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    In my first place I worked at it was haunted for sure. I never actually saw a ghost, but I could feel a presence in one of the bathrooms of a room. I'd worked all three shifts at one time or another (CNA here) and was doing rounds as usual, but for the first time on night shift in this one particular room. I'm getting water to change an incontinent patient, and all of a sudden as I turn the water on I can feel the walls closing in on me. I went to a different room and got the water after disinfecting the faucet. Went back to the nurses' station and asked some people how they feel about that room at night and I'm not alone.

    Now I work at a facility across the street from that one, and one of the nurses used to work at the same place in the above story. She said she quit and moved to the one we're at now because her friends were dying off one each year, three years in a row, all nurses. She told me about a dark hooded figure that had been seen going into the bathroom inside the breakroom during night shift, and that's why no one eats in there past a certain hour. I've heard that story too, never seen it myself, but kind of weird hearing it more than once after a few years. Apparently, the figure goes into the bathroom and never comes out. People go in there looking for it and it's gone.

    Happy Halloween
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