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My first thought last night when I got my patient's blood all over my scrubs was, bugger, I am going to have to do my laundry tonight now, instead of tomorrow. No consideration of how awful it... Read More

  1. by   amoLucia
    Quote from BrandonLPN
    ... when you sign every check J. Doe, LPN
    I did my income tax refund check that way once.
  2. by   Flyboy17
    When you finally get that sputum sample and you tell the patient, thats a good one.

    Jonathan RN
  3. by   prmenrs
    Quote from MJB2010
    When you can discuss anything, absolutely anything, while eating your lunch.
    And ruin the lunch of some innocent bystander @ the next table. rofl
  4. by   sapphire18
    Quote from prmenrs
    And ruin the lunch of some innocent bystander @ the next table. rofl
    Hahaha yes! Discussing "cottage cheese" secretions and smells from "down there" on an obese patient who had been unable to reach to care for herself down there prior to admission...definitely ruined some peoples' meals with THAT conversation, but at least they ended up laughing!
  5. by   KelRN215
    Quote from prmenrs
    And ruin the lunch of some innocent bystander @ the next table. rofl
    Done that a few too many times. Sometimes I forget who I'm talking to until I look up and see this look of horror on their faces. Apparently it's not normal to discuss colostomies over dinner?

    My nurse friend and I don't get to see each other very often so usually by the time we do get together, we've both got some pretty good stories saved up. Our waiter usually comes by just often enough to take away our dirty places and give us new water... you can tell he does NOT want to hear our conversation.
  6. by   SoldierNurse22
    When your family makes you sign a contract that you won't discuss the particulars of your work at the dinner table.
  7. by   Erikadawn RN
    When you can give a 3 hour dialysis treatment to a naked patient, who won't stay covered up, and you don't even seem to notice.
  8. by   rtg502
    *I was in long term care for over eight years as a staff nurse. The worst thing I have ever had to do, bar none was help with the amputation of a former co worker who had had a stroke and was now a vent dependent resident in our nursing home. She wound up with Both heals with pressure sores and no matter what we did to stop them getting worse she got gang green of the toes and it went all the way up to the ankles. I knew she was suffering and my only thought was that if I didn't help she wouldn't get the care she really deserved as a human being and former co-worker. As the surgeon came on the unit, the only people who volunteered to help were Myself and another LPN. He and I Both assisted as the surgeon disconnected the last piece of tissue the was holding her foot to her leg.. that was, by far the worst thing I have ever experienced as a nurse, and yet it didn't bother me because i was trying to maintain the dignity of someone I knew during better times...
  9. by   mazzyrn
    i haven't been a nurse in a long time but my first job in the Philippines as an OR nurse we would have a c section with all the blood and i would be circulating, during breaks we would run to the breakroom to eat spaghetti, didn't bother me... i would be in the OR sometimes worrying if there were any spaghetti left for me!
  10. by   DizzyLizzyNurse
    When I was still a CNA I was cleaning up BM and talking about my PB sandwich.

    And because I'm a spelling nerd I can't not mention this:

    Quote from rtg502
    gang green
    It's gangrene.
  11. by   champagnesupeRNova
    "gang green" - how cute!

    Ever since nursing school, I cannot write/type the word "bowl" for the life of me - I always type "bowel" and have to delete
  12. by   DemonWings
    When your kids know more medical terms then the average person and they are under the age of 5

    My daughter told her kindergarten teacher that she was having a baby brother soon, and she said " They can tell its a boy because it doesnt have a uterus"
  13. by   JBudd
    Your 7 year old matter of factly tells people, "if its bleeding put pressure on it, otherwise get an ice pack"