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My first thought last night when I got my patient's blood all over my scrubs was, bugger, I am going to have to do my laundry tonight now, instead of tomorrow. No consideration of how awful it looked, or that I should really... Read More

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    Quote from jadelpn
    SCOS....(spit coffee on screen) you are too funny!!

    "I show a movie like that and all you can think of is what music they are playing"

    "No, we were in lively debate over the ramifications of Limp Bizkit versus Justin Beiber and the incidences of teenage ejection from severe vehicular trauma scenes....."

    I have had patients, as they are pooping, peeing, bleeding or throwing up on me "OMGGGGG this is sooooooo gross" and I say "nope, I have seen grosser....." LOLOLOL
    Thanks for the chuckle this a.m., and now off to find the screen wash......
    Fortunately the song wasn't "rollin" (it was a rollover ejection), did I just take it too far? Probably, but limp bizkit was an appropriate choice I thought.
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    So true
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    ... when you sign every check J. Doe, LPN
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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    ... when you sign every check J. Doe, LPN
    I did my income tax refund check that way once.
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    When you finally get that sputum sample and you tell the patient, thats a good one.

    Jonathan RN
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    Quote from MJB2010
    When you can discuss anything, absolutely anything, while eating your lunch.
    And ruin the lunch of some innocent bystander @ the next table. rofl
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    Quote from prmenrs
    And ruin the lunch of some innocent bystander @ the next table. rofl
    Hahaha yes! Discussing "cottage cheese" secretions and smells from "down there" on an obese patient who had been unable to reach to care for herself down there prior to admission...definitely ruined some peoples' meals with THAT conversation, but at least they ended up laughing!
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    Quote from prmenrs
    And ruin the lunch of some innocent bystander @ the next table. rofl
    Done that a few too many times. Sometimes I forget who I'm talking to until I look up and see this look of horror on their faces. Apparently it's not normal to discuss colostomies over dinner?

    My nurse friend and I don't get to see each other very often so usually by the time we do get together, we've both got some pretty good stories saved up. Our waiter usually comes by just often enough to take away our dirty places and give us new water... you can tell he does NOT want to hear our conversation.
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    When your family makes you sign a contract that you won't discuss the particulars of your work at the dinner table.
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    When you can give a 3 hour dialysis treatment to a naked patient, who won't stay covered up, and you don't even seem to notice.
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