Would you feel ok as a patient at your own hospital?

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    This is meant to start people thinking about their own nursing practices, those of their colleagues, patient safety, cleanliness of the unit, palatable food, empathy of the staff, so on and so forth etc.

    How about on your own unit? (And for those of you sarcastic folks, let me clarify, if you work on a pedi unit for example, would you recommend your friend's child to be admitted at your facility? If you are a man, would you feel comfortable with your wife delivering at your on L&D? etc haha)

    And oh of course, explain why or why not :-)

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    I would feel very comfortable being a patient on my unit. I love my coworkers (and vice versa) and I know I will be well taken care off. The staffing is also great on my floor.

    Now, as for the other floors, no, ma'am.
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    I work in the ED, and yes, absolutely I would want to go there, and I would want anyone I care about to go there. We face the same issues every ED in the U.S. faces (overcrowding, understaffing), but we do a really good job, and I would have no hesitation about recommending my ED to anyone.
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    I still love my old hospital, and was VERY pleased with the care they gave my sister after her hip replacement surgery. I wouldn't hesitate one second to be admitted there, or to have any of my family go there.
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    Yes and no. Yes, because I know that the staff in my (really small and very unique) hospital is caring. Most also know their strenghts and weaknesses; I know their strengths and weakness! There is a lot of professional strength to be found where I work (especially when it's said, "You need to be shipped to another hospital because we don't have that "Specialist".)

    No. . . because I don't want ANYONE who knows me taking care of me. . . no matter how smart and/or how professional they are! I want to go to a hospital where NO ONE knows me. . . (and still employs the high grade healthcare professionals found in my teeny-tiny hospital).

    But. . . if I had no choice, I'd feel quite safe being a patient in my hospital.

    Sorry for not giving a straight "yes or no" answer. :spin:
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    Depends on which doctor I was assigned to. I would not let some of the doctors at my facility touch me with a ten foot pole

    Most of the nurses at my hospital are wonderful, smart, caring professionals.....MOST, there are a few who I would not want to care for me or any of my loved ones.
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    Just for privacy reasons, I would never go to the facility where I work, nor would I take my husband there. The staff is wonderful but I don't want everybody asking and wondering what I'm doing there.
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    I would definitely recommend anyone/everyone I know to go to my hospital. The nurses and docs are great, they teach me something new pretty much everyday. It would depend on what was wrong with me if I would go in or not. Laceration, broken bone, etc. I would definitely go in. Something more probably not. I wouldn't want my co-workers seeing anything too "personal" lol.
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    okay, a few of you beat me to it! naturally, for privacy reasons, i dont want my unit buddy to know my medical hx or to cath my hoo-hah. i sorta meant this thread in the way some of us may have worked at a local restaurant and when you hear someone ate there, you respond, "omg ew, let me tell you what REALLY happens when you complain about food being just-this-much medium-well...." versus, "aww yeah i worked there in college, i even ate there on my off days!"

    stuff like that :-) but yesssss, good call on privacy!
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    I have been a patient at my facility and know that my co-workers will do the best they can for me. As long as I have Versed on board they can look at any body part that interests them.
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