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Currently doing 12 hour overnights in a job I'm not very fond of, mostly clock watching. But this job is 15 minutes away. I have been offered a position I'd really enjoy, on the day shift, but requires a one hour commute each... Read More

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    I have a 45 minute commute, and you definitely get used to it. I like my job though, and I think I would get mad every time I got in the car if it was for a job I hated!

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    If I had a job I hated/clocked watched and knew I would enjoy the other job more - yes, I would do the commute. I'd rather commute than be miserable.
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    I hate driving, especially in the rain and snow. I have a 40minute commute and that is long enough for me. I love my job so it is worth it.
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    If it was a NICU or Baby Nursery job...yes!
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    I drive over an hour each way and have for many years. I live in a small town and you make more money in the city so I do the drive. Both nursing programs I applied to are between 45 mins to an hour away too. I don't know what I'd do if I only had a 20 minute drive! lol
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    I commuted an hour each way for about a year to a job I loved. I didn't mind the actual drive but it killed me knowing how much I was spending on gas. I also live in a town where the road was not pretty in winter (sometimes I would stay at a friends if it was really awful) I recently moved to the town I work in (shocking!) and now my commute is about 5 mins! How glorious!
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    I've done it in the past. I hated it, but if it was for a job I enjoyed I would consider it. Times are tough so I wouldn't be too picky.
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    Get digital audio books and load them onto your MP3 player to listen to during your commute.
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    Quote from ThePrincessBride
    If it was a NICU or Baby Nursery job...yes!
    Me too.
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    Nope!! Used to do it....won't anymore. I worked 5 days per week so figured I was spending an extra 8 hours on the road that I could spend with my kidlets....or sleeping....or whatever! 8 hours per week! Extend that out over a year and it is a huge number!
    I was lucky and found a job I like...that pays better and is only 20 minutes from home. It is much, much better!!
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