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  1. eeffoc_emmig

    Tips on dealing with difficult parents

    I, too, avoid them as much as possible. I try to perform as much care as I can when they aren't present. When they are present, I keep myself busy charting. If they try to invoke me in their family drama, I normally flat out tell them that it's none of my business. Any drama, yelling, etc. that affects the pt is well documented. I try to start out friendly, but firm so that they know where I stand from the beginning.
  2. eeffoc_emmig

    am,pm or graveyard shift? which will you prefer?

    You are away from your family...but most of the time your are away they are asleep. I try to think of it that way though I'd much rather be at home snuggling with my sweet 2 year old.
  3. eeffoc_emmig

    Kudos board

    Nice idea, but who has time to eat pizza while working...or who wants to eat pizza that's been sitting out for hours after being picked over by everyone? Not this nurse.
  4. eeffoc_emmig

    This is horrible: the doctors and staff won't do anything

    When this incident occurred, was the POA not notified? If so, perhaps a follow up call to them is needed to advise that the pt is still in pain and hopefully they will get more involved.
  5. eeffoc_emmig

    am,pm or graveyard shift? which will you prefer?

    I nap on the couch while my little one plays...I'm a light sleeper. On my work weekends, my husband is home so that's when I get some real sleep.
  6. eeffoc_emmig

    am,pm or graveyard shift? which will you prefer?

    I only work 12s so I can't tell you which of those are the best in LTC. I have worked days and nights in LTC. Nights are much calmer as far as number of people interrupting you (families, admin). I guess it depends on whether or not you want to pay for child care. I now work nights only so that our little one doesn't have to go to day care... and so most of my pay doesn't go there with him. I often work with little sleep but it's better for my family.
  7. eeffoc_emmig

    PD is like the armpit of nursing

    I'll take caring for ONE patient for 12 hours over being stretched in a million directions caring for 30+ patients and hearing all the latest drama of co-workers any day!
  8. eeffoc_emmig

    Threatened by family?

    I'll take my chances with the BON on abandonment charges...I refuse to allow someone to stab me just because I'm not supposed to leave.
  9. eeffoc_emmig

    Well, don't come back

    Don't you know us nurses should never spend time with OUR families?
  10. eeffoc_emmig

    "Wasteful Nurses"

    Wow! Did she mention how often you were allowed to use the bathroom?
  11. eeffoc_emmig

    How much orientation did you get as a new grad Lvn?

    3 days. With a nurse that took way too many and too long smoke breaks. I spent more time sitting and waiting for her to get back on the floor.
  12. eeffoc_emmig

    Day In The Life of an LPN/pay

    17 is way more than most LTCs pay in my area!
  13. eeffoc_emmig

    Please explain why a nurse is needed...

    The diagnosis sheet only listed some sort of GI issue. ..will reread it when I go back...maybe there was another abbreviation I missed.
  14. eeffoc_emmig

    Please explain why a nurse is needed...

    Nothing. At. All. The care plan states both parents are competent caregivers. Mom is in better shape than me...in fact she just returned from a run. She's educated and used to work full time at a bank until the "baby" came. The other nurse can't figure it out either...case manager said they're the perfect family to deal with. No CPS as far as I can tell. No new health problems. No recent hospitalizations/injuries. I'm puzzled.
  15. I just returned from orienting on a new case. It's a Medicaid paid case with 24 hour nursing care. Mom does not work, is a fully competent caregiver and there are no other children in the home. The child is under 5 with a gtube. No other issues. She is mobile, mentally with it. While I don't mind being paid for working the case, for the life of me I cannot understand why MY tax dollars are being spent like this.
  16. eeffoc_emmig

    Do private duty LVN/LPN ever get a pay raise?

    Wow! Sounds like the M company...with the pay cut and all