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jeckrn has 17 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in EMT, ER, Homehealth, OR.

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  1. VA nurse job with Other Than Honorable Discharge

    It states "If you answer "yes" to any questions in the above categories, you may be protected under VEVRAA." It also states "Please note that this page provides general information. It is not intended to substitute for the actual law and regulations...
  2. VA nurse job with Other Than Honorable Discharge

    What is your RE code; that will make the difference if you can get hired or not. If its an RE-4 it will be very hard to get hired but if you do not try its a no.
  3. Under DHA, centralization of military healthcare

    That is what we are being told that areas like L&D will be staffed by GS employees and other areas like peds which has low census will be sent out to the local hospital. We have already seen this with the peds inpatient at the hospital I work at...
  4. Under DHA, centralization of military healthcare

    In the Army it will only effect who you are assigned to. Before the change FORSCOM (Forces Command) units like Combat Support Hospitals, FST etc only had one nurse assigned to the unit while the rest were PROFIS (Professional filling system) and ass...
  5. CRNA through military enlistment??

    The military CRNA program is a good deal but just make sure your family is ready for the long hours you will have to put in during phase II; 16-18 hour days is the normal.
  6. Military ED RN requirements

    First of all you do not enlist as a nurse but commission as an officer. You have to have a BSN for all services, each service has different requirements to obtain your ER nurse designation. You will need to contact a health care recruiter for each ...
  7. VA Nurse Salary

    You have to look at the long term; what will you be making in 10 years where you are at compared to the VA. You can look at the salary schedule and see the amount you will be making. The VA is famous for starting out low then paying higher than the...
  8. What do military reserve nurses ACTUALLY do?

    It all depends on your unit and what assets (materials & money) they have to train with. I was a HM in the Naval Reserves assigned to a Marine unit and most of the time we were at the reserve center doing some classes. When there was a medical r...
  9. Army Reserve Nursing

    No matter if you take a bonus or not your contract is for 8 years, the only thing that changes is how many years you have to drill for. I you decline it now the chances are you will not get it in the future. As an officer there is no re-up. You wi...
  10. Army Reserve Nursing

    You will not be qualified to deploy until you have completed OBLC which you will not do right away.
  11. Army 66H from FY18

    Did they tell you where you are going to be stationed at after OBLC?
  12. Army 66H from FY18

    I am not sure but it could be because the changes that are happening with DHA is taking over the Army hospitals.
  13. New grad in the military

    You do not enlist in the military as a RN with a BSN; you commission which is a whole different process. It takes about 1 year from the time you start your packet until you boarded. If selected it takes some time for your orders to be written and a...
  14. VA Nurse Salary

  15. VA Nurse Salary

    Only your active duty time will count for seniority and retirement. For the retirement you must make a "military deposit" to buy that time. Your HR department should be able to help you with that or do search at DFAS. As far as AL (vacation) all t...

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