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Would you commute an hour to a job you wanted? - page 2

Currently doing 12 hour overnights in a job I'm not very fond of, mostly clock watching. But this job is 15 minutes away. I have been offered a position I'd really enjoy, on the day shift, but... Read More

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    I have commuted up to 1.5 hrs each way. Never again for me. After 12 hrs especially night shift it's brutal.
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    I do it and have for a few years
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    I do it! I love my job and although the drive gets tiring and I often think I should get a job closer, I end up staying because its a good place to work.
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    Quote from hiddencatRN
    I'd much rather have a long commute I hate and a job I love than a commute I love and a job I hate.
    Love it!
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    I do and it's not that bad. As long as I have my music I'm good to go. It's actually kind of nice to be able to decompress on the way home from work, and not be thinking if work at home .
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    Personally, I would loathe spending that much time in my car. Then again, I live in the Midwest where I can get pretty much anywhere in 30 minutes or less. I currently have an 8 minute commute, soon to be bumped up to 20 because I'm moving
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    I currently have a 40 minute commute and I hate it. That's because it is during rush hour in the metro Phoenix area. I am planning on moving closer to my job so I don't have to deal with the traffic :-)
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    I have a 45 minute commute, and you definitely get used to it. I like my job though, and I think I would get mad every time I got in the car if it was for a job I hated!
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    If I had a job I hated/clocked watched and knew I would enjoy the other job more - yes, I would do the commute. I'd rather commute than be miserable.
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    I hate driving, especially in the rain and snow. I have a 40minute commute and that is long enough for me. I love my job so it is worth it.
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    If it was a NICU or Baby Nursery job...yes!
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    I drive over an hour each way and have for many years. I live in a small town and you make more money in the city so I do the drive. Both nursing programs I applied to are between 45 mins to an hour away too. I don't know what I'd do if I only had a 20 minute drive! lol
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    I commuted an hour each way for about a year to a job I loved. I didn't mind the actual drive but it killed me knowing how much I was spending on gas. I also live in a town where the road was not pretty in winter (sometimes I would stay at a friends if it was really awful) I recently moved to the town I work in (shocking!) and now my commute is about 5 mins! How glorious!