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Working 2 Fulltime RN jobs

  1. 0 Does anyone have experience working 2 full time (36/37.5 hour) nursing jobs at the same time? Have you run into any problems with scheduling? I am looking to work 6 nights a week as a nurse, and I know I can handle the hours, but wondered if anyone had any experience working two jobs like that. Was it for the same employer, or 2 different employers?
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    I have worked 2 full time jobs at one time for 13 weeks at a time, 7 days a week. I always keep in mind that burn out is a real possibility during this time. I make sure that my 8 hours of sleep are uninterrupted. the contracts have been for 2 facilities. think long a hard about it cause it does drain a body.
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    yeah it does...

    I've done it but it was at my facility doing a ton of overtime. I did 60 hour weeks for 4 weeks during our extremely high census.

    Have you thought about doing PRN?
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    I guess it would be a possibility to be PRN with 1 or 2 facilities to pick up 3 12's a week
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    Eek. That's burnout to me. Depends on what the jobs are. One at a desk, and another at bedside wouldn't be so bad.
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    I did it; 8-4 and 4:30 till? I made a killing that year. I'd love to do it again but i do have to say it made me insane! I did it for about 9 months. Make sure your second job is flexible, though (something like management so you get in when you get in and get the job done so no one's counting hours).
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    The problem would be finding two fulltime jobs as an RN.

    Given that many people cannot find one full time position, two would be hard to come by in this economy.

    Having said that, I know some people that work an office nurse job for full time (4 ten hour shifts), and baylor for weekends (2 twelves). But they have alot seniority so that they can get a set schedule, something that is hard to come by in most places.
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    I think that although I know other nurses who have done this, I think that ethically you are putting yourself at risk, plus the damage to your possible health and mental well being. To which unit do you owe any loyalty??? Who needs your OT the most???? Small stretches of time with your good health now while you are young, maybe. What if you end of being sick, not only 1 job but 2 becomes an issue. Do your employers agree with this or maybe they know nothing about it?
    This is what happens when you work 12 hour jobs-------------those 12 hours become 14 hours also very easily depending on the acuity of your unit and your work travel time.
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    i'm assuming you have a financial goal in mind to even think about working 2 jobs, but i would try one full time and the other part time so that you can see if it is something you can handle. the money looks great on paper, but after awhile the mental and physical fatigue can become a bit much.
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    Hey! Stop hogging all the jobs!! Some of us can't find one, nevermind two!! Just kidding
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    Have you thought about work an agency locally for you're second one? I do that an it's time consuming but they pay more without having insurance to take out. The almost always have a shift you want or need to work.
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    I work in acute care FT 12 hr nocs. My other job is private duty around 30 hrs a week at noc also. My main job is not affected by the other and I can make my own schedule at both so it works perfectly. Great pay and the best of both worlds. I've been working 2 jobs for a few years now and haven't been sick, burnt out, anxious, or depressed. Time management is essential both at work and at home.
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    The reason I originally asked is this. My plan is to go to med school without debt, and I am going to be a nurse for three years first. Also, several nurses I work with who are in their 50's do this every week. They think it's great. Like me, they don't have much social life, are single, so it's pretty much, sleep eat work almost every day, but it pays off. BTW, there are nursing jobs here in IL.