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  1. dekagirlsRN

    Turnover Rate

    I worked in LTC and can definitely understand and appreciate why there is such a high turnover rate. Wondering if there is a high turnover rate in correctional nursing, and if so, why do you think so? Thanks for your input :)
  2. What exactly do you want to know?
  3. dekagirlsRN

    Recently hired to work in a women's prison

    Thank you so much, wyogypsy. I appreciate all the advice and will take heed to it. I strongly believe I will like it, but can't say for sure until I give it a try. I was offered to work full-time or per diem, but I chose per diem so I could test the waters first to see if it's for me. Thanks again!! :loveya:
  4. I was recently hired as an RN to work per diem in an all women's prison. I am presently employed at an inpatient residential facility for women addicted to drugs/alcohol. I have no experience working in a correctional facility, but I am familiar with this population as we often have inmates come directly from jail to rehab. I was wondering if anyone has any advice/tips for me for this new position. THANK YOU!!
  5. dekagirlsRN

    Request for Nursing License

    I should also mention that I live in New Jersey. I just don't want to be searching for something that doesn't even exist! I guess I should call the Board of Nursing today.
  6. dekagirlsRN

    Request for Nursing License

    I am an RN and recently went on an interview and knew I was required to show my nursing license. I showed them the one I keep in my wallet, but they told me, no, they need "the large one." My diploma? No, they said, the large license, not your wallet one. I went home and looked through my documents, and don't see (or recall) any large license. Am I losing my mind? Help!!
  7. I work in an inpatient rehab facility and I'm looking to compare prices for our drug test kits. Can anyone recommend a manufacturer/distributor who charges reasonable prices for drug test kits and other supplies. Thank you so much!
  8. dekagirlsRN

    interview with addictions facility CEO

    What was your response to her??
  9. dekagirlsRN

    Got into LPN and RN What Should I Do?

    No brainer--RN program!!!! :)
  10. dekagirlsRN

    Is it okay for a CNA to call herself a nurse?

    That would be most appreciated. Thanks!! (And some people thought there was no hope!)
  11. dekagirlsRN

    Is it okay for a CNA to call herself a nurse?

    Best of luck to you on the Boards! :)
  12. dekagirlsRN

    Is it okay for a CNA to call herself a nurse?

    OMG!! Is that a new title, "lay nurse"?????????? Give me a break!!! You are not a nurse! I'm not even going to justify the last part of that quote with a response
  13. dekagirlsRN

    Is it okay for a CNA to call herself a nurse?

    Wrong! She's an Aide! If you want to be called a nurse, go back to school and earn that title.
  14. dekagirlsRN

    Is it okay for a CNA to call herself a nurse?

    Okay, really???? CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Nurse's Aide (or something to that variation). ASSISTANT/AIDE!!! NOT NURSE!!! Nurses went to school for YEARS to earn that title!! Just my
  15. dekagirlsRN

    Contract Issue

    I'm not sure I understand where you're at in the contract--have you completed the orientation? I feel for you because I was in a similar situation not too long ago. I signed a contract to work in the OR, orientation was 1 year with a promise to work for 2 years following orientation. Midway thru orientation I knew in my heart that the OR was not for me, and I finally resigned with a heavy heart. The hospital never held me to the contract--not sure if it was because I didn't complete the orientation, or because they changed the terms of the contract (pay cut for all employees), whatever, I wasn't complaining. I would have agreed to a pro rated amount to get me out of the contract, but they never pursued it. Honestly, it was the best decision for my career. I am very happy now, found my niche, and will never look back. Warning: I asked what to do on this Board back then, and got beat up pretty bad for contemplating breaking the contract. But I had to follow my heart. Good luck to you :heartbeat