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  1. being discriminated against in clinicals

    Yes, I'm an EMT, and it's about 75% men in EMS, compared to 90% female in nursing. But I don't make my choices on where people tend to work, I do what I want to do. Nurses here make 26/hr, paramedics make 14/hr. That's kind of an obvious choice...
  2. Have you ever been mistaken for a doctor?

    The funniest part is taking care of patient's with a female complaint in the ER. I'm very professional about all my care, but usually halfway through the assessment questions. They'll blurt out, are you old enough to be talking about all this? Dep...
  3. Have you ever been mistaken for a doctor?

    I'm an ER tech (EMT) and halfway through RN school. At work and school I get asked if I'm training to be a Dr. Also, I'm a 20 year old, medium frame, but could pass for a 14 year old, so I get asked the MOST, how old I am. I tell them I just turne...
  4. being discriminated against in clinicals

    Everyone works in different environments. In order to maintain my reputation, I try very hard not to talk about others behind their back, to stay neutral and out of all the little catfights, and don't make comments relating to the personality/appear...
  5. Pensacola FL RN rate

    I'm curious too. I would love to live in the Pensacola area.
  6. Iowa - RN Pay

    Where else is bread 99c and houses 1K/month
  7. Hourly rate for RN's, LPN's, CNA's in Your State

    Champaign, IL 21-25/hr RN 9-11/hr CNA/EMT 5.50-7.50 LPN (just kidding-I really don't know.)
  8. The real pay in nursing....

    I'm going to pay my mastercard with a hug
  9. One bad egg...

    At our school, we're REQUIRED to wear lab coats, BECAUSE we're students.
  10. being discriminated against in clinicals

    Dude. Your perverted. Get out of the medical field now before you make a mess of your life. If patient care is not your priority, OUT.
  11. jobs while in nursing school.

    I agree that paramedic would be better! But I'm a EMT-B right now and not wanting to spend extra time in school when I'm almost an RN!
  12. jobs while in nursing school.

    EMT-B. I'm a Vol. FireFighter/EMT and PRN ALS service EMT-B and work full time as an ER Tech. Being an ER tech get's you hands on experience with IV's, splints, casts, you see a little bit of everything. Not all is drama or trauma, but you can lea...
  13. Young female patients

    Believe me. I've done hundreds of EKG's on females. If you're uncomfortable, practice maintaining privacy with the gown when doing male patients. I know it is a lot easier just to expose them, and remove the fur. I've also passed off the duty to ...
  14. Young female patients

    Definitely did the right thing. There have been a few cases where I have had to do an EKG on a female my age, and I guarantee you there is a way to do it using a gown, and a towel or sheet that everyone will really appreciate, since exposure is kept...
  15. Black male nurses

    Personally, here in the midwest, they don't have quotas for anything, it's grades that get you in or keep you out of RN school. There are several African American Male RN students here, I'm good pals with a couple of them, and quite a few AA female ...