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So I'm taking CNA classes starting in March, and as long as everything goes well should finish in May. I'm relocating back home to Charlotte, NC after I'm done with classes. My question to you is...What are my chances of getting... Read More

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    that stinks...in florida i work in a hospital. i make 12.75 with 1.50 shift diff plus another weekend shift diff of .75. thats after 2 1/2 years.

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    I know one hospital system paying $14/h for cna's in Charlotte but absolutely no benefits. That is the best you will even dream of coming to the Charlotte area with no experience. Even so, after $14/h you are starting to get into LPN range so pretty much bets are off after that. Unless you have an NA 2 license, get ready for about 8-9 dollar range. And CNA jobs are a dime a dozen there so most places wont feel obligated to give you much more than that. But good luck hunting.

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