What's your weird quirk?

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    I don't know if other people do this - but EVERY single time I have to give a subq/IM shot - i try about 4-5 times (point get, get close, withdraw without touching the skin) before I inject. If I don't do that - I get very anxious and feel like the needle will bounce. I make sure the pt doesnt watch so they don't get freaked out but I can't stop. I can never inject with one fluid motion.

    I don't like seeing anything in urinals - even if it's 10 cc - I will empty it.

    If no one is in the hallway and I'm transporting a mechanical lift - I will ride on it like a shopping cart

    I've had blood, pee, and vomit splatter on my unifomr and shoes and I've just shrugged and cleaned it off as best I could with disinfecting wipes then went on with my day without a second thought - but just the thought of hearing someone clearing their phlegm or suctioning mucus makes me want to curl up and lock myself somewhere.

    What's yours?
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    It's not necessarily a quirk but I continue to be confounded by the way most male patients think nothing of putting their urinal, empty or full, on their bedside table next to their meal tray! Never have I had a male patient ask for hand sanitizer or something to wash their hands after using a urinal either....
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    I need each room I'm assigned to set up in a specific way before I fill it with a patient. Extensions on suction and oxygen, visitors chair on one side, moniter and table on the other. Old BP's from the last patient erased. If I take over a patient with visitors sitting on the wrong side it throws me off balance until they leave.
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    I have wasted more time and caused myself more trouble by hating to change main IV bags (1000 ml's) until they are down to the last drop. If there is 20 to 50 of just the plain main IV solution in the bag I hate to "waste" it, I think almost every drop has to, should, needs to, empty out before I put up the new bag.

    I guess "waste not want not" was deeply imprinted in my brain?
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    I must have my binder set up a certain way before taking report, or I get all discombobulated.
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    My weird quirk is that I'm germo-phobic at work because I believe my patients are uniquely germy. I work in the land of MRSA, numerous infectious diseases, and numerous STDs. It's not all that unusual for me to see a rash caused by syphilis. Or scabies. Or see a fresh tattoo, like on someone's arm with genital warts because an inmate used a needle someone *just* used to tattoo near their genitals - on their arm. Genital warts on their arm. About 1/4 of my patients have hep C, and with all their assaults they manage to get their blood all over the place.

    I have to eat sitting at my nurses station and answer the phone now and then. My very weird quirk: I treat eating like a sterile procedure with one hand. My co-workers have said this is what it looks like. You know how you have one sterile hand for inserting a foley? I have one sterile hand for eating.
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    I get super excited when I'm able collect to a urine specimen on my elderly residents. I do a happy dance every time. Any LTC nurse would understand.
    I hate suctioning trachs, I get the nauseous every time.
    I always have to have my report sheet set up before I get report.
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    It really bugs me if the stretcher/bed is not at a 90 degree angle from the back wall.
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    I've got way too many to list. My big issue - I cannot stand a messy room - especially the semi-privates. Come to think of it, I really hate walking into the med room and wondering if the Pyxis and printer vomited onto the counters... How can anyone work or concentrate like that?

    I like the sterile hand bit - I don't take anything for supper that has to be touched with my hands to eat =)
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    I hate pee.

    I don't like emptying urinals/foleys, and no matter how "normal" any patient's pee smells, I don't like it.

    Not that I feel all warm and fuzzy about poo, emesis, blood, or resp secretions, they don't give me the willies. Only pee.

    Maybe that's why I'm in nephrology/dialysis...most of my patients don't pee much.
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