What is your personal nursing mission statement?

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    Just wondering?
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    I'm a tech but...

    My personal statement would go something like: I'm here to try my hardest to make people feel better about their situation. So they can see a kind face in their time of illness in hopes that it is one less uncaring person they have to meet.
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    P.S. I'm glad that you posted... That is a question I think we should all ask ourselves.
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    in theory? - one person can make a difference.
    in reality? with today's society? Cover your own as*. No-one will back you up.
    Sad, but true.
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    To eschew all corporate nonsense such as vision statements and mission statements and just take care of the patient.
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    "To touch the life of one person every day of my life." Nursing if the only career where this is a given whether I touch their life positively is up to me. As Spidey's aunt and uncle say, "With great power comes great responsibility."
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    'Welcome to the dark side...' LOL Just kidding!

    Seriously, I like to think about what one of my MOST psychotic patients told me...during one of his more lucid moments, he stated to me 'You just take what you've got, and you work with it, and you never stop!' Makes sense to me!

    I also think about this: "To the world you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world."
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    I've had a rough month, so here goes:

    To make it to the end of my shift without being physically injured by a patient or a family member. Verbal abuse now slides off.

    I try to provide the best care possible but with so many non-compliant patients it's a challenge each and every shift.

    Oh and like somebody else said "cover my a*se at all times"
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    Take what you can, give nothing back! LOL

    Really its just be the best person I can be, and show someone else that I care. And let the bad stuff roll off my shoulders.
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    To improve the health of the children and families in my care by promoting wellness and self care, seizing teachable moments, preventing the spread of disease, advocating for healthcare needs, and ensuring students remain in class unless it is unsafe for them to do so.

    Hey, that is not bad for something off the top of my head!
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