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  1. Ploppers

    OMG!!! My back.......!!

    You can try pilates and streatching before work. Its very important to have a strong core to back up the body mechanics. When I first started ibprophen was my best friend!!!
  2. Ploppers

    Starting my first CNA job....any tips?

    I work on a renal med surg floor and I get 22 beds all to myself. The BEST way to get through is to perfect your time management. Example: If you are getting vital signs and they are also a finger stick and a daily weight get it all in one stop instead of traking back and forth. BEST of luck to you!! I cant say that it will be easy but you'll adapt. Just also remeber if you need help ask for it. Its not worth killing yourself if you simply can't do it!!
  3. Here in Oklahoma they have started using AUAs (advanced unlicenced assistants) they are like CNAs on steroids in the skills department. But as far as the hospital I work at, you dont even have to be certified. You can just walk in without having ever done anything like this job and get it!! Its crazy!!
  4. Ploppers

    Are you proud to be a CNA?

    At my hospital we are called nurse techs but its all the same. I have my CNA and I don't regret every choosing to be one. And to those who try to look down on me for my position... why don't you come try it and see how much you have to say?
  5. Ploppers

    CNAs who work the overnight shift, i need your help!

    Well.... with the lifting thing... it can be easier but not always. You got the patient who actually only wets the bed at night because they are asleep and don't know to get up, the one with sundowners who all the sudden decides they dont know where they are and try to get up and hit the floor, and the 300 lb person who sleeps like they are in an earthquake and needs to be pulled up once and hour. I work in a hospital and my duties are getting shift vitals, q4 vitals, q4 and q6 finger sticks, daily weights (that can be a very heavy lifting job), i&os, and a good amount of paperwork. But between all of those thing the patients can get pretty busy too. It really would be worth trying out though. Every facility is different as well as every floor.
  6. Ploppers

    CNA Commandments

    Thou shalt not have a patient with a runny stool colostomy bag and chart "BM X1" Thou shalt not encourage renal patients to refuse their daily weights Thou shalt not assume that the 96 year old 70 lb man just gets up to the bathroom (those pesky brown rings start appearing)