What illness do you have today? - page 2

I know its not just me, my coworkers and I frequently talk about this.. But what illness do you have today? I swear every day I feel like I'm dying from some other rare and strange illness. ... Read More

  1. by   BelleKat
    I have a headache...must be encephalitis.LOL?
  2. by   K os
    Oy - and my heart - I forgot to tell you about my heart. The CV s/s are endless and ongoing. Angina, SOB, fluttering, stabbing pain, 2+ bilateral pitting edema on LE. I think I may be having an MI as I am writing this.
  3. by   core34
    I have "New Grad" Bipolar disorder.
  4. by   honey75
    Brill, now I know its not just me.

    Im post recovery MI, AF and AAA!!!
  5. by   Aneroo
    Plain ol' cold or allergies. LOL
    School nurses- we catch it all. Luckily, I've escaped most of the GI bug that's made its rounds. I did get it, but I took phenergan and immodium, then decided to try and go shopping (COFFEE)!
  6. by   Aneroo
    Quote from Agent 007

    p.s. I'm only a nursing student and am certain that when I start practicing my diseases and syndromes will only get worse.
    Ah, the ol' days. LOL I always liked diagnosing family and classmates during psych.
  7. by   MIcrunchyRN
    Phew thank goodness I"m not alone... haha today I still have lymphoma... still got the few swollen lymph nodes. One on the back of my neck HURTS... Hmm maybe its mono?
  8. by   RNKel
    Quote from RNHopeful2009
    During a break from school I was convinced I had pancreatitis...turned out to be shingles. I wouldn't wish either one on my worst enemy! Ok, maybe I can think of a couple of people who can have the shingles for a day or two! :innerconf
    LOL I feel for you... on summer break I too got shingles. Just lovely, isn't it?
  9. by   rnsrgr8t
    I tend to not self diagnose myself like this (I am the other end of the spectrum, I just am in denial!). My roommate in college (who was a education major) used to love looking through my nursing textbooks. I eventually had to make her stop because everything she read she thought she had....then she would drive me nuts asking me if I thought she had whatever horrible illness she had just read about. Finally, I had to bar her from ever looking at my textbooks!