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  1. K os

    Is this nurse in the wrong?

    by the way lovingtheunloved, it's not very "therepeutic" to refer to the OP's sibling as "crazy". It is no longer correct to use the "R" word, make jokes about short busses or gay people, but somehow it's still acceptable to marginalize people who are overweight and people who suffer with mental illness. Are you thinking about a career change?
  2. I am gearing up to take the NCLEX RN and I think I could use the support of a study group for accountability etc. I graduated a while back-everyone I know is already working. If anyone is interested in setting something up PM me and we can go from there.
  3. K os

    Have you seen this nursing tool?

    I have spent too much time too. Sounds like a great instrument though. Is this it? Standard Gripsors - Nursing Scissors - Nursing Instruments - Shop by Category
  4. K os

    C's In Nursing School

    My school does not view C grades as passing, let alone continuing.
  5. K os

    Why/how do meds work?

    GilaRN than you for your explanation. I am getting there. I appreciate your taking time to explain. I'm embarrased to say that I am a last semester BSN student and wonder how will I ever know all of this???
  6. K os

    Why/how do meds work?

    Thanks everyone for your help. Sorry to have such difficulty verbalizing my question. And you are right, I know that pharmacology, patho & phys are huge bodies of knowledge that I dont expect anyone to cover here. I think I am missing something in the bigger picture of the pathways and will take your advice dirtysleepynurse and choose a drug and follow it that way. I understand the way drugs enter cells etc. To take an earlier example of an infected great toe, lets say we hang an abx. How does the drug "know" that the big toe is the infected place?
  7. K os

    Why/how do meds work?

    Actually, it doesn't matter which route - it's all a little fuzzy for me...
  8. K os

    Why/how do meds work?

    This is a goofy question, but I learn best when I can visualize a process. So here goes. I want to better understand how a med administered parenterally actually works. For example: IV med into vein/deoxy blood moves to heart/lung circulation, systemic circulation, tissues and cells of the entire body. How does the drug "know" where to go to affect the desired effect? I understand first pass etc. I am asking about meds going to work at the cellular level. Thank you for your help.
  9. K os

    EKG HELP!!!

    Reading ECG strips http://www.rnceus.com/course_frame.asp?exam_id=16&directory=ekg Lead Placement http://library.med.utah.edu/kw/ecg/ecg_outline/Lesson1/lead_dia.html Cardiac Presentation http://breeze.mc.maricopa.edu/p65735599/
  10. Didn't help me one bit. BTW, you don't have to be a member to find inexpensive malpractice insurance.
  11. What is the reason for the notification of the wife or competent party? Is he at risk for putting other resident's in harms way? Is the assisted living facility informing the family because they have some liability? Would the facility also inform the single lady's family?
  12. Here'e the situation: The assisted living center where my friend's dad and mom live (in another state) called today to tell her that her father was found in bed with another resident (unmarried woman). They explained that were calling becuase it was their ethical obligation etc etc. and that sexual activity between residents is common and they were considering changing her fathers meds and were going to discuss it with his doc. My question: Please explain why the assisted living center felt obligated to share this information with her? Would'nt that be considered a HIPAA violation? My friend is the medical POA, so maybe they needed to tell her about the med change?
  13. K os

    Class Pins. Do You Like Yours?

    Nurs Forum. 1989;24(1):15-7.Links The nursing pin: symbol of 1,000 years of service.Rode MW. University of Evansville, IN. The nursing pin is a 1,000-year old symbol of service to others. The earliest ancestor of the pin dates back to the Maltese Cross, adopted by crusaders and worn on their habits as a symbol of service to Christianity. Over the centuries, variations of the crusader's symbol were gradually modified and became family coats of arms, often symbolizing service to a ruler. By the Renaissance, guilds had adopted coats of arms symbolizing masterful service to the community. The most recent ancestor of the pin is the hospital badge of 100 years ago. It was given by the hospital school of nursing to the students to identify them as nurses who were educated to serve the health needs of society. This symbol of service involves many professional rights and responsibilities. PMID: 2694101 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Related articles The forging of the caduceus from DODONA to DoD: a tribute to the medical departments of the United States Armed Services. Mil Med. 1978 Dec; 143(12):844-55. [Mil Med. 1978] [Names, emblems and signboards of Upper Silesian pharmacies in historical review] Arch Hist Filoz Med. 1988; 51(1):101-4. [Arch Hist Filoz Med. 1988] The ocular surface and its symbolism. Ocul Surf. 2007 Jan; 5(1):6-12. [Ocul Surf. 2007] "Pawn Ball Megakaryocytes": from the marvellous medici and dear Old Saint Nick to the unsanctified marrow of myelodysplasia. Hematology. 2003 Feb; 8(1):11-8. [Hematology. 2003] Review[Nurse's image: review of the literature] Rev Bras Enferm. 2005 Jan-Feb; 58(1):74-7.
  14. K os

    needle stick risk

    No, no lecture required. Just wondering if needle poked through cap and person was stuck, would exposure decrease.
  15. K os

    tips on how to survive 12 hr shifts.

    I am a student and just started clinicals working two 12's in a row. It's tough but the time does fly. I agree with everyone else, hydrate, snacks, shoes, arch supports and compression stockings. You can get them at a med supply store w/o prescription. It will be the best $25 you have ever spent. Beware, they are sized by shoe size, not by calf size etc. Get an experienced salesperson to help you bc you usually cannot return them if they do not fit. More than anything, the sox have saved me.
  16. K os

    needle stick risk

    Does risk of infection from needle stick decrease if needle was capped?