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  1. 0 Why do you use different sites for blood draws?
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    I'm afraid I don't understand your thread title. Perhaps some clarification? Also, what are your thoughts on the question? Please do begin the discussion.
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    Quote from Susanorf1961
    Why do you use different sites for blood draws?
    I use the internal jugular on every patient, every time.
    You're welcome.
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    I'm thinking our new member is a non-clinical patient, close to a patient, etc. and heard blood was drawn for cardiac enzymes. Something about that meant more sticks, and now we are being queried.
    Our answer to that shall be, ask the ordering provider.
    How did I do?
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    Sour Lemon, I go for the internal jugular too but only when I draw triphonines! I thought I was the only one! Sometimes I use a needle.
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    Oh my lanta...I get it now. I literally had to google "triphonines" to see if I am just a moron nurse who didn't know what this important word was.
    Then I sounded it out, made the "po" sound instead of "fo" and UREKA!
    This thread made my brain hurt, but I laughed, so all is well.
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    Well, y'allre just wrong. Everyone with an expensive education knows that you start as many sites as possible, then move around the body, tapping each site for a few drops. That way, you get a little bit of blood from each part of the body, thereby testing the whole body. Far superior to those cheaters who only draw from one arm.

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    I got it right away. I thought it was maybe a student interested in cardiac nursing. .
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    I don't get it.
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    Quote from Pepper The Cat
    I don't get it.
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    Quote from roser13
    Oh good Lord! Thank you.
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    Shall we educate her about cellular physiology.
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    I go intracardiac with a nice long about 5" 14 gauge needle whenever I have to draw triphonines. Only amateurs use the internal jugular.