Things you didn't learn in nursing school - page 3

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  1. by   metal_m0nk
    I find it's helpful to cross reference this particular publication with "Things Life Teaches You." Lots of surprising similarities.
  2. by   ChristineN
    Nursing school never taught me:

    That when you see the heart rate rising on a seizure pt look out

    That a crying baby is a healthy baby

    That you should never be afraid to escalate a situation, or to tell a doctor when you need him NOW

    That sepsis in the elderly can have many forms, including altered mental status
  3. by   healthstar
    Importance of time management, organization, how to prepare for interviews.

    And how school didn't teach me anything at all about reality of nursing--it taught me theories but those alone cannot help me survive in nursing land!
  4. by   MochaRN424
    Quote from crazy&cuteRN
    When I graduated from nursing school, I was basically licensed to apply bandaids. The real learning comes with experience. Having a 6 hour clinical that included a one hour lunch break, 30 minutes and pre and post conference, did not prepare us what soever.
    Licensed to apply bandaids...I fell out...thank you for the laugh I needed that!!!! But seriously I know what you mean. Like why didn't I have a phlebotomy course...and then you are expected to "practice" on patients.
  5. by   Medicrick52
    I have worked in EMS for quite some time but what I have found that nursing school does NOT teach you is how to deal with problems in nursing care when it comes to family and patients...oh, im sorry I meant to say "clients" -

    When a problem arises, we (students) are quickly removed from the situation and then is handled by other staff. It would have been nice to see how situations and problems are handled whether it is the right way or the wrong way.

    I guess this is two fold, on one hand, it would have been nice to see how the situation is handled and on the second, we are removed from the situation to lessen the liability from us, the instructor, and the school.

    eh, each situation is different and I guess I will learn as time goes on!
  6. by   BrandonLPN
    How to be a nurse.
  7. by   amygarside
    How to be less nervous and overthink what I am doing.
  8. by   FlorenceFrightengale
    Never underestimate the strength of a confused little old lady
  9. by   K+MgSO4
    The importance of a good bowel motion in the elderly:..........
  10. by   joanna73
    That nursing school provides the very basics. You need to be able to put all those pieces together somehow, and that a year+ goes by before you really begin feel competent in the area you're working. Like, "Oh right. This is what they meant."
  11. by   Do-over
    That the Rapid Response Team nurses are your friends - don't be afraid to call them, and that if you are asking yourself if you need them - you do!
  12. by   rnbyprof
    how to accomplish bedmaking for 20 patients in just an hour..
  13. by   NutmeggeRN
    That being in my OB rotation would not prevent me from getting pregnant..... Wouldn't trade him for the world but 32 years ago it was drama to the nth degree!!!