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In my 7 years of clinical nursing experience, I have encountered many incidents wherein dying patients, especially cancer patients in do-not-resuscitate status, would see relatives who apparently were already dead. Yesterday... Read More

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    My mom died from ovarian cancer almost 6 years ago. Towards the end, she was seeing people who had previously passed away. At one point she told me they were all lined up in the back of the room and she said to me, "don't you see them?" I didn't see anything and was totally freaked out by it at the time because I didn't understand what was happening, but then she said that they were telling her that she'd be with them soon and not to be afraid. She seemed comforted by it. I asked the hospice nurse about it later and she explained that it's common in those who are dying of a terminal illness. A few months before she died and was still in relatively good health, she had a dream where her mother who had died 20 years prior appeared to her and told her the end was coming and that she'd be waiting for her on the other side.

    My mom was on NO drugs (other than chemo) during this time so it was not a drug induced hallucination. I know science has tried to explain this by saying it's the dying brain causing these hallucinations, but after witnessing this first hand, I really don't believe it can be explained this way. I mean, why wouldn't the dying person see other types of visions and why do just about all terminally ill patients see their dead relatives?
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    I can't believe this extra-ordinary thing really happen around the world! I thought this is just due to the superstitious nature of Asians.
    Thank you guys!
    I will really google more of this subject. Might as well suggest the topic to my thesis consultant. (don't know if feasible )
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    Who knows why they do not see Elvis, or Angels? Thank goodness that when people die, they have someone, or something special to help them move on. Both of my parents passed on in 2007, my mother 1st, who from what I am told was reaching out to her parents, then, my father, who was so lonesome for my mom, that I know he was going on a journey looking for her. There is someone out there for all of us, at least that is what I believe.
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    I had a pt who coded post surgery. She told me that she was going towards a white light when she was met by an angel who told her that is wasn't her time yet - she needed to go back.So she did.
    I had goosebumps when she told me her story.
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    When my dad died I could feel him in the ER.....spooky weird feeling....(He had passed a couple hours before I could get to the hospital...)

    I do believe that people hang around to say goodbye to their loved ones even after they have left their body....
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    Quote from leslie :-D
    i consider myself incredibly blessed, to have been a part of so many of my dying pt's experiences.
    it is truly a privilege.


    Your patients are truly fortunate to have you for their nurse, and you are a credit to the nursing profession!

    Diane, RN
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    We don't know who my Grandmother was seeing before she died, but the last time my DH came to see her (he was dropping me off so I could spend the night with her at the hospital) she told me that she wanted to go to bed. As she was already in bed, I said, "Grandmother, you're in bed already, just go to sleep if you want."

    "I am not in bed, I'm standing in the kitchen."

    "No, Grandmother, you're in bed."

    At this point, she looked in the corner, where NOBODY was, and said, "Hmph, does it LOOK like I'm in bed?"

    DH turned chalk white, said "Mrs. DW's grandma, I hope you feel better soon", and BOOKED. Absolutely refused to go back in that room, and offered to take me back home so I would not have to stay with "them".
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    When my grandfather was dying of emphysema, I went to visit him in the hospital. My Aunt, who was making the decisions, was praying for a miracle and would not put him on comfort care. That night, I had a dream that I was breaking him out of the hospital. I had him in a wheelchair and was pushing him down the hall, and helicopters were chasing us, and alarms going off, spotlights all over the place, like some kind of movie jailbreak. He died that day.
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    When my mom had pancreatic cancer I had a dream that my cat from when I was young came to me from behind a baseball fence. I picked him up, and he laid his head on my shoulder and it felt like he was comforting me. He didn't talk or anything weird, but I could just strongly sense what he was trying to communicate. Then a young girl came and was on the other side of the fence, which I knew I couldn't cross, and my cat went to her. I knew he had to stay with her. My mom went into the hospital for the last time that morning.

    I am not religious, and don't really believe in an after-life, but I can tell you all it did not feel like a dream. It felt so real, and to this day I am 75% sure that my cat came to let me know my mom was dying.
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    I am a firm believer that you can see someone who has passed on. When I was a teenager I saw my great grandmother who had been dead for several years. It scared me to death but I know what I saw.

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