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I've been thinking about this a lot lately. It seems to me that whenever there is a debate here on AN, there are three predictable "red herrings" that get tossed into the mix. For those that don't... Read More

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    Quote from ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Oh and I am offended it's a red herring, what about the blue herrings or purple herrings or why does it need to be a herring at all. Really you are trying to talk about red headed people aren't you but disguising it with the word herring.
    HAHAHAHA!!!! Yep. Good one
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    "OMG they tryin to fire me for a failed drug test!!!!!!! I am a great, compassionate nurse who would never do nething wrong!!!!!!!! I just forgot about taking those 15 vicodins, drinking that fifth of tequila, and borrowing that half a bottle of ativan from my aunt's third cousin!!!!!!! CAN THEY FIRE ME FOR THIS@!!!! I THINK THEY JUST HATE ME BECAUSE OF MY FULL SLEEVE TATS AND 236 FACE PIERCINGS!!!!!!!"
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    Also: All the nurses that work with me are *GASP* just in nursing for the money!!!!!!!!!! THOSE GREEDY WENCHES IS WHY I CAN'T GET THAT DREAM JOB IN THE NICU@!!!!! AND *I* LOVE BABIES!!!!!!
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    After a long and frustrating day driving on the highway, I eventually sat down and read this post and just had to laugh. Thanx Stargazer, you gave me my laughs for the day!