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Upgrading_Status has 10 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, NP and specializes in L&D.

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  1. Upgrading_Status

    How to Be Successful on Your FNP Exam

    Thank you for your frankness Tiff. Did you take a practice exam to see where your deficits were before laying out your study plan?
  2. Upgrading_Status

    Board of Nursing Investigation for System Charting Error

    I was hoping for an update
  3. Upgrading_Status

    Useless Shift Report Information

    Whenever the first thing out of the hander off mouth is "she's really nice" 🙄 I know I'm in for a b.s report. Well Monday the pt got morphine...dude today is Wednesday and you work days, what did you do today.
  4. Upgrading_Status

    Does the Doctor-Nurse Game Still Exist?

    As long as there are egos there will be the "Doctor Nurse game" The article made me have whiplash with all the agreement I was doing. Some Doctors you still have to make a suggestion rather than asking directly for an order of if you see something questionable. At my place some don't like you speaking unless spoken to. Or they feel they have a "special" seat at the NURSES STATION where they will stand uncomfortably close and ask you numerous times how long you will be. On the other side of the coin there are Doctors who values the nursing staffs expertise and input.
  5. Upgrading_Status

    Insulin drips patients on L&D

    I feel as if your institution has their I's dotted and T's crossed.
  6. Upgrading_Status

    Insulin drips patients on L&D

    Most of our patients tend to be early second trimester patients. This demographic of patient is so new to us we don't have a policy, more less healthstreams and a competency checklist. Staffing is a mess, to the point where they know we are supposed to be 1:1 with the drip patient, it may now become 2:1. I'm getting sick thinking about it. I can't say more.
  7. Upgrading_Status

    Insulin drips patients on L&D

    Does this occur in your facility? Is this common or are they transferred to ICU? What is your facilities policy regarding pregnant patients needing insulin drips?
  8. Upgrading_Status

    How early to start preceptor search

    My school encouraged it during our orientation.
  9. Upgrading_Status

    What do nurse managers and clinical directors actually do?

    You sound like an awesome manager and make mine look like _____. Many of the things you do she delegates to the charge nurses and staff nurses. The only thing mine seems to do is tinker with our schedule.
  10. Upgrading_Status

    Demoted from ICU to IMCU

    I agree with the posters who said the transfer or "demotion" as OP called it, happened for a reason. Who knows OP, maybe you may like the new unit better whether it's the work load, supportive staff, or a better group of nurses on the shift. Some nurses still succumb to mob mentality or may have not liked you for whatever reason (that's life). I remember when I was a new nurse of 6 months, a newer nurse started. One group of nurses didn't like her; one evening they were talking bad about her. I interjected and said what they were stating wasn't true and I gave examples. They told me to mind my business. A month later the young lady turned in her letter of resignation. I believe everything happens for a reason. We may not know why at the moment, but somewhere along the way the reason is revealed. Good luck OP!
  11. Upgrading_Status

    3 weeks in L&D and wanting out

    Go back to your old floor where you will be happy.
  12. Upgrading_Status

    What's a good job for L&D nurses who want to leave the bedside?

    The Nurse Family partnership? Is that exclusive to one state or is it a national program? @Quazar, I feel like you. I would like advance my career with a MSN, but in what I am not sure.
  13. Hello all, any updates?
  14. Upgrading_Status

    Low census--what do you do?

    If no one is offered the night off we're told to do online mandatories.
  15. Upgrading_Status

    Augmenting Labor (particularly before 39 weeks)

    Given all that you said they wouldn't have sent you home. You're a multi para exhibiting all the signs of labor. They wouldn't take the chance of sending you home and then hours or an hour later you deliver at home. Some of the women they send home are dehydrated, others are in the latent phase. They may return in active labor a day or 2 later, not all some.
  16. Upgrading_Status

    Augmenting Labor (particularly before 39 weeks)

    At my facility a pt that us less than 39 weeks contracting Q5 and 2cm will be hydrated to see if the contractions subside. If no changes she will go home. On the flip side the same pt may be sent walking to see if she makes changes, if she does she comes in, if not home she goes. For a pt to be induced Augmentation, the pt has been 5cm for some odd hours and her contractions went from Q2 to Q5-7. Induction....we don't start with pitocin for induction.