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Upgrading_Status has 10 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, NP and specializes in L&D.

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  1. Sleep Medicine NP?

    Do you work overnights, weekends?
  2. Secured a job on LinkedIn

    Thank you, I appreciate your help. I will certainly look into the groups and participate.
  3. First NP job... Did you negotiate the salary?

    all great information, with angles I did not even consider
  4. No Jobs For New Grads Despite RN Time?!

    I know this wasn't your thread, but were you able to secure a job?
  5. Did you feel ready to practice upon graduation?

    I would also love an update and any advice you can share with new NPs
  6. How do we prevent Nurse Practitioners from undervaluing themselves?

    This right here is excellent information! As a new grad, I would have loved a class on healthcare economics. With programs ever changing, perhaps the next generation will have that as a mandatory class. It is one thing to log your cases in with ...
  7. Secured a job on LinkedIn

    As a NP, is it worth the time? Do NP’s normally secure employment via this route or is it more of a place for humble bragging; ideal for non healthcare industries?
  8. As a new NP, did you do a residency program?

    Even though I am not the OP, I found this thread helpful. I had an interview where it is expected that I would hit the ground running with a full panel. I don’t think I am ready for that and the support for transitioning NPs isn’t there.
  9. How to Be Successful on Your FNP Exam

    Thank you for your frankness Tiff. Did you take a practice exam to see where your deficits were before laying out your study plan?
  10. I would go with the school that secures preceptors for you.
  11. Can you take the boards while still in NP school?

    WOW!! I've been out of the loop. A BSN to DNP program? the money grab is real
  12. Useless Shift Report Information

    Whenever the first thing out of the hander off mouth is "she's really nice" ? I know I'm in for a b.s report. Well Monday the pt got morphine...dude today is Wednesday and you work days, what did you do today.
  13. Does the Doctor-Nurse Game Still Exist?

    As long as there are egos there will be the "Doctor Nurse game" The article made me have whiplash with all the agreement I was doing. Some Doctors you still have to make a suggestion rather than asking directly for an order of if you see something qu...
  14. Insulin drips patients on L&D

    I feel as if your institution has their I's dotted and T's crossed.
  15. Insulin drips patients on L&D

    Most of our patients tend to be early second trimester patients. This demographic of patient is so new to us we don't have a policy, more less healthstreams and a competency checklist. Staffing is a mess, to the point where they know we are supposed ...