Thats It!! Im Calling The State!!

  1. I work in this long term care facility that really needs to be closed down. I find it very hard to believe that it is even still opened. The DON and Administrator have an attitude of tolerance for abuse. I have previously given them written reprimands for CNAs for verbal abuse and neglect, cursing residents and even roughing them up with care. They still continue to allow them to work. I even gave the Administrator notice that stated for her to ask me to work with a particular CNA is to ask me to tolerate abuse; the CNA came right back to work. I have reached my breaking point. I advised them that recently I worked with a nurse who was asleep for at least 5 hours during her shift and failed to give a resident an IV ABT and another one tube feedings. They pretended to investigate and then let the nurse come right back to work. When I spoke with the CNA staff that was present that night two of the three told me that no one had asked them any questions concerning the nurse because they would have gladly reported her as this is something she does every single night she works. The third CNA I never got to question but she would most certainly lie for the nurse. She is also notorious for sleeping and a very close friend to the nurse.

    This nurse actually has 2 other jobs and often times she is scheduled to work 56 hours in a row, non-stop with only 3 hours left for eating, showering and traveling back and forth to work. She actually brags that this nursing home is where she sleeps. I have reported this nurses behavior in the past and it is falling on death ears. I even reported that she worked in a facility 3PM-11pm on the very days that she was scheduled to work at our facility 7PM-7AM; she would take her lunch break from the other facility and come to count narc and get report, hang around for an half an hour pretending to give medications and then leave to go close her other shift out at the other nursing home.

    Well now I am feed up!:angryfire And I advised them that since they refuse to address my concerns that I would report the nurse to the professional licensing board. I did just that in an official complaint. I also filed an official complaint with the corporate headquarters of the company. Within 24 hrs of my complaint they sent three representatives from corporate to talk to me. But I really think they are only seeking to minimize the company's liability and have no genuine interest in what is going on in the facility. I am at my wits end as to what to so. I really think the relationship that the state ombudsman have with the management of the facility is less than professional and she works really hard to make sure their complaints are unsubstantiated.

    I would like to know if anyone knows any federal investigators or who one would contact to investigate gross neglect and abuse in nursing home. There are so many incidents of abuse in this place, that is is frightening, Nurses routinely don't give medications and patients are sent out to the hospital with grand mal seizures only to have very low levels of Dilantin and Valporic acid med. We even had a Dr. to call us on the weekend in the wee hours of the night and insisted he speak with an administrator then and there. I had to give him her home phone number. The next day or so the unit manager and DON went on the medication cart and removed a large number of medication from the cart that was dated at least two and three months previous and put them in large garbage bag. This was definitive proof that the nurses were not administering the meds but they just covered it up. I think the nurses were give a suspension for one day.

    I am so furious:angryfire And this has to stop. I am sure I have cost myself my job but I really don't care. If they take me off the schedule then I will probably file a law suit. I just have to find the right attorney for the case.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I would appreciate any feedback and advise you all can give me concerning this matter.
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  3. by   Virgo_RN
    Vent away. The place sounds like a he## hole and good for you for speaking up.
  4. by   glasgow3
    Strictly patient care issues aside, once your administrator was informed that residents were being "cursed at and roughed up", that administrator had an immediate OBLIGATION to report that abuse to one or more agencies. If that didn't happen, it's reallllllllllly gonna hit the fan for all concerned now.

    My advice: Don't be around for the splatter.
  5. by   canoehead
    Good luck, I'm behind you.
  6. by   GeminiTwinRN
    wow. i'm proud of you for standing up to do the right thing. i probably wouldn't have been able to stick it out as long as you have after seeing little to no response from the previous complaints but you are terrific!

    maybe somehow those poor people will get the care they deserve!
  7. by   Jessy_RN
    I'm speechless! These patients need an advocate, good for you!!
  8. by   wearingmanyhats

    How terrible.... GOOD FOR YOU!!! If only those working in whatever capacity caring for others loved ones would look at those folks and see a family member...

    God Bless you for doing what your license requires...

  9. by   Nascar nurse
    I'm confused. Why are you still employed there? Why are you putting your license on the line daily?
  10. by   MrsMommaRN
    good luck. it sounds like a really sad situation.
    really when you reported the abuse the facility has an obligation to follow up. i hope you have documented your findings with dates and times. please keep us updated.
  11. by   missjennmb
    Quote from Nascar nurse
    I'm confused. Why are you still employed there? Why are you putting your license on the line daily?
    I'm still a student, but wouldn't it be our responsibility to speak up repeatedly until someone listens? I know that nobody wants to work in a bad environment, but I would hate to think that being a patient advocate in an environment where there are no other "friends" to the patients would put US in peril instead of the trouble makers. How is anyone supposed to be held to task on unsafe behavior if every time something bad is happening the "good nurses" bail like rats off a sinking ship?

    I'm not trying to stir trouble or anything. I just don't understand how leaving would be the best choice? Is losing our license really so easily possible that we have to think of that before thinking of helping patients in need of an advocate?
  12. by   CoffeeRTC
    Please let us know how this turns out. You know they will fire you too. What do the families think of the care? I'm sure alot of them are not happy either. Are there any other employees like you that are sick of this? The state should do something, if not, maybe the DA would get involved if families/ docs push the issue.
  13. by   MEME123
    Complaining To Your Higher Ups Got You Nowhere Most Likely.

    If You Are Going To Call The State, Do Not Say Anything. Not For The Reason They Will Know It Was You But It Will Give Them A Heads Up To Correct Things, Hide, Destroy Whatever.

    If That Gets No Response, Then Call The D.a.
    Document, Have Proof Of What You Are Calling In About Etc.
    Be Prepared If You Stay There To Be Strong, Watch Your Back, Cover All Your Bases. They May Look To Nail You On Anything.
    Don't Let Them Get To You Or Try To.
    Again Document Your Life Off, Keep Notes Etc.
    I Wish You Well And Strength. Your Doing The Right Thing. Do What Is In Your Heart. You Can Live With Yourself.
    God Help Those Poor Patients And I Hope That When The This Falls Into The Proper Hands, Those Pieces Of You Know What Are Kicked To The Curb And More.
    God Bless You.
  14. by   MEME123
    Ps I Hope You Have Copies Of Your Letters To These So Called Higher Ups. 2- If Meds Were Not Given And Xtras Left Then Proof Will Be Of Refill Dates, Pharmacy Can Provide That To The State And Low Serum Levels.
    Can You Take Pictures Of These Sleeping Beauties, Don't Know If Legal But Would Be Priceless.

    Years Ago Had A Problem With Night Shift...sleeping. Dns Very Good Came In And Came Up Back Stairways To Floors. Caught A Pca Sleeping. Gods Truth, She Marked Her Forehead With A X In Lipstick. Dns Hung Around And Waited For The Sun To Come Up And All To Rise. Said Nada. Waited...when Pca Woke Story Goes She Was Walking Around With Her X Mark. Dns Told Her To Go Look At Her Face In The Br. Pca Was Not Even Aware. Dns Pulled Out Her Tube Of Lipstick, Told Stunned Pca Then And Are Fired. Fixed Their Wagons. No Union To Back This One Up. Oh Boy What A Move This Put Under Some. They Were The Good Old Days.
    Good Luck Yo You.