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At my job, and with most nursing jobs I guess, I sign my name and title A LOT. SO much that I sometimes catch myself almost signing my title in normal every day signatures. Like signing a check, I almost always want to add RN... Read More

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    My professional signature is different than my regular signature, so I never mix it up.

    At work, it is First Initial.Last Name, RN. printed out to make it legible.

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    only write RN for work paperwork, and would find it corny to do otherwise. I have had a few accidents (initials instead of signature etc), but yeah, seems a bit weird.
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    Um... No.
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    Yep, I catch myself signing RN after my name frequently. Just force of habit signing it that way. I also have been guilty of writing a note to my kid's teacher full of the acronyms and symbols I use at work. I didn't even realize I had done it, and believe me I felt like a fool when the teacher had to call me to translate.
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    I sign my name with all of my initials following in the professional setting because I worked hard with sweat and tears to earn everyone of those initials. I try not to sign like that in personal settings but unfortunately I've been known to sign that way on my daughters school papers a time or two.

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