Should i be a nurse?

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    Just kidding
    had to do it because someone just posted about this question driving them nuts.
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    No you shouldn't EVER become a nurse. Go directly to
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    Quote from StNeotser
    No you shouldn't EVER become a nurse. Go directly to
    Thanks for the advice
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    Haha.... you got me!
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    If you were smart enough, you would go to medical school and not think of being just a nurse!
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    i never open these threads. but since there's been so much talk about them, i was all ready to read the post and tell the person "no, i do not think you should become a nurse".

    maybe next time
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    ya got me!

    NO, you should not. Ever. Because we are an elite group of iron pantied and brassiered women who will eat you. With garlic.
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    I concur with the others who suggested either school teacher or doctor! School teacher is wonderful because of the great working hours, off weekends, holidays, winter break, spring break and summer. You will surely miss many weekends and holidays away from your family if you become a nurse unless you are one of the lucky few that gets a nursing job that gives you regular hours. Also public schools tend to have the best benefits (health insurance and Pension) you can find. Hospitals and LTC give you really expensive crappy health insurance and poor pensions if you can find them at all!

    If your heart is really set on healthcare and you have the brains and time to pay off your student loans I concur go for a medical doctor. If you do that you have to keep your undergrad debt low as medical school is pricy and most leave with $100,000 to $200,000 in student loans, but if you choose even a halfway lucrative specialty vs plain internal med/family practice you will come out ahead in the long run and have more autonomy over your practice and working conditions.

    Nursing is really more a glorified trade like an educated blue-collar worker than a profession if you ask me. The hospitals and LTC will work you to death, stress you out and you will have no real say over working conditions, days off, etc. They will mandate you and hold you prisoner for 16 hrs whenever they are short as that is the cheapest option. You will work at a hectic pace like a factory assembly line but with people not widgets, who want more time (rightly so) than you can allocate under the patient ratios. Therefore to take care of your patients if you have a conscience you will find yourself missing breaks and even lunch on a regular basis, because something has to give! You will be subject to all their little gimmicks that they want to force down your throat and told what to say and do (scripting) and watched like a hawk (big brother) with the new computer charting. Talk about being micromanaged to death!

    Really I would choose something other than nursing, just my opinion. Too much responsibility with no real autonomy. I don't think its worth it!

    Probably be much happier in teaching or medicine, just my opinion!
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    Don't ever become a nurse if you have to ask!!!
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