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  1. How is flu affecting your hospital?

    We are swabbing everyone - a lot of positive rapid flu results. The hallways are lined with these people. The staff (myself included) have been sick. I hope this thing has peaked.
  2. The math doesn't add up

    Yes... "Thank you for choosing my ER for the 3rd time this week for a runny nose, sore throat and now a mosquito bite. I am sure the ambulance that brought you in yet again just forgot to write theirs. So, thank you from all off us. I suppose I woul...
  3. When you were a new RN...

    Yep - I look things up sometimes after work too! Probably always will.
  4. seriously considering travel/questions

    I have not had any issues finding the next assignment, it may not be exactly where I want to go - but traveling requires flexibility. I generally start looking about 2 weeks from the end of my current assignment. Facilities do not post needs furthe...
  5. Sometimes You Just Don't See It Coming

    Wow - tears here as well. Thank you for sharing this story.
  6. Peds is NOT easy!

    Well said! I work with peds in the ER and bingo! They can be much more time consuming for every task and they can crash much faster than adults. IV's alone are a challenge to maintain - arm boards are no guarantee.
  7. Poor nurse role models.. is this what I have to look forward to?

    I have heard lots of threats of "pillow therapy" over the years, have yet to see it occur. I have said some outrageous things myself when extremely stressed. Not the most professional - but I erase that and smile when I walk into the pt room. Sometim...
  8. To self: does this big, goofy exaggerated smile cover up how I am really feeling right now? Gets me through triaging the absurd. :)
  9. New Grad, new job... My First emergency!

    Was probably Afib with RVR, it happens quite a bit - and her dizziness would be accounted for with how fast her heart was beating. You definitely did the right thing in calling the doc and getting her to the ER. You learned from this experience and...
  10. I said: hello, how are you? The pt said: ok
  11. American Red Cross and Hipaa

    I have not had a phone call like this. If the pt was able to talk, I would have asked the pt if they wanted to speak to this person - problem solved. If not, I would have told them no more than anybody else who called.
  12. Need some opinions on my dilemma

    I would stay put too, just my honest opinion. If you are happy there for now, why leave? Soak up all the knowledge you can and have some stability - cardiology floors aren't going anywhere, they will always be there.
  13. Benadryl use with Dilaudid.. just curious!

    I give it before the dilaudid - it is given for the side effect of itching. I can't think of a nursing intervention that will help the itchies other than benadryl.
  14. What career did you have before nursing?

    Flight attendant here.... and i get teased at work bc coworkers tell me that I still talk like one to the pt's :)
  15. Question for nurses from an aide

    I think it really depends on what type of nursing you go into. In my experience (hospital only), I think you are correct. We spend more time charting than with the pt's, I don't think this is something apt to change.