Shockingly Humbled - page 2

“She’s crashing!” yells the second year anesthesiology resident. His high pitched voice slices through the alarms that pierce the green tiled operating room. His forehead creases, and his eyes are wild as he rapidly glances... Read More

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    Next chapter please!
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    Writing is my outlet. When I experience an unusually tough day, I write about it. "Creative non-fiction" is definitely my niche, as I like to write about my experiences in such a way as to engage readers (kudos to you, IEDave!).

    Most of the articles I write are about experiences that you guys can relate to. We have all had those days where we want to just throw in the towel, where we can't take one more demand, and don't want to hear our name called one more time. Every single one of you knows how it feels to run your butt off all day, come home exhausted, blisters on your feet, and can barely slog through dinner before pouring yourself into bed.

    You can also identify with having shining moments that stick with you forever, like a patient that pulls through despite the overwhelming odds, or an idea that you developed, implemented, and has now become practice, or seeing a former patient walking down the sidewalk after months of PT from a traumatic injury.

    Thanks for the compliments, guys! I enjoy writing and sharing these articles with you.
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    Amazing story! This had me hooked! I loved the way you painted the whole scene out. The chaos, the franticness of everything, John, and that poor intern. It was like I was right there. The best part was the ending. When the surgeon said that the patient was his mother, well, I had to scrape up my mouth off the floor. Fantastic job! By the way, did this really happen? Or something like it? It is great either way. Keep on being amazing!
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    Unfortunately, yes. This really happened. Shocker of my career!
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    Quote from Susan1012
    Next chapter please!
    Seriously. So very well done. Had me riveted.
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    Quote from dansamy
    It does read like fiction.
    but it's good!
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    Quote from canesdukegirl
    Unfortunately, yes. This really happened. Shocker of my career!
    Wow! Wow! I can't imagine what the doctor, you and everyone else went through when he relayed this information. This is very well written and I'm still wiping away tears. You should try if you aren't already to get published!

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    Very good story!
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    We still wanna know what happened to the patient!
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    Quote from Mulan
    This is fiction, right?

    The surgeon really wouldn't know that it was the other surgeon's mother?
    Singh is an extremely common Indian last name, so the last name (if they were even the same) wouldn't have been a giveaway. Further, it's fairly common in the culture of medicine and in Indian culture to keep work and personal life separate. It sounds from the story like this may have been meant to be a fairly minor surgery gone bad, so Dr. Singh might not have thought it worth it to tell the surgeon it was his mother, thus adding undue stress, or to tell anyone overall what his family was going through. Obviously just speculation, but I don't find this that far fetched.
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