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    I currently work for an employer that pays a weekend shift differential to day shift workers but not to night shift workers. (Night shift does get a "night" shift differential but nothing additional for working weekends) I am curious if this is common practice.

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    Our night staff gets nights and weeken diff.
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    ditto, i get 325 for weekday nights and 525 for weekend nights
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    We have evening, night, weekend day, weekend evening, weekend night differentials.
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    Same here, used to get weekend night diff or weekend day diff, but 11-7 on Sunday night was considered a weekday but got diff on Friday night 11-7.
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    Most places I know of do not give shift differentials on dayshift, only eve,nights and weekends
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    I hear hospital gives shift differentials but no differential for weekends
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    we get 25% weekend differential for all shifts. night and pm shift get an additional 10%
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    we get eve and night shift weekend.
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    we get 6 for nighta
    and an extra 2.75 on weekends

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