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    Talking about wound drainage... Serous/serosanguinous/sanguinous. Thought i knew but now not so sure. I know this is stupid... thanks

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    serosanguinous fluid:wink2:
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    serous - watery like fluid

    Sanguineous - bloody fluid.

    serosanguinous - bit o' both.
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    serous is usually pale yellow and transparent

    serosanguinous would be the same as the above with blood involved, so it usually looks like diluted blood.

    I use the terms serous and serosanguinous often....but....

    sanguinous would contain mostly blood. I don't think I've ever really used this term when describing any type of drainage, or heard anyone I work with use this term. Usually if there is frank red blood coming out of anywhere on a patient, we state just that.
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