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Patient Complaints In Spite of Good Care

  1. 3 Hello all! Recently a patient complained to his aunt that his night nurse "didn't care about me". This was a confused patient, admitted for flu-like symptoms, fever, etc. I noticed the patient was very angry by the morning, but did not feel as though he had been neglected by any means, he had been fluffed and puffed, brought anything he requested in the way of drinks, etc., and auntie had been taken care of as well, by given free access to the patient outside of regular visiting hours, offered drinks and snacks, pillow and blankets etc. I informed the supervisor that he had complained, and thought no more of it. Long story short, my director called me in and suspended me for "not taking care of the patient." In report, I was told a different story about the patient than what was reflected, but I documented everything I had been told regarding the plan of care for the patient, and documented everything that was done. I felt my suspension displayed a true lack of support for nursing staff, and I resigned. I have always had excellent reviews from my patients, peers and supervisors wherever I have worked. I felt hurt and humilated that this happened, and that any patient can wreak havoc on an unsuspecting nurse. However, I am happy to be "out" from under this particular manager, who, of course has a string of credentials, but no heart for her staff. I am only one of a stream of nurses to resign since she came on board a year ago. If any one has been through this and has advice for me, I would love to hear a word of encouragement. I also would like to stop having feelings of anger toward the director. After all, perhaps she did me a favor.
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    people complain thats the short of it. But suspended ***! thats why auntie should of been made to leave if not regular visiting hours . if your care was on target the you peers should of backed you up but all and all probley did do you a favor to get out of that job
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    This would have been a good thing to take to HR for mediation. Management didn't bother hearing your side of the story at all and should have.
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    Quote from scootertrash nurse
    people complain thats the short of it. But suspended ***! thats why auntie should of been made to leave if not regular visiting hours . if your care was on target the you peers should of backed you up but all and all probley did do you a favor to get out of that job
    thank you, my co-worker did back me, but she chastised her as well, didn't believe either one of us.
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    unfortunately, patient satisfaction and patient perception is all that matters nowadays.... and some patients would still complain if you wiped their bum with TP made of 24k gold.

    that's a real shame that your supervisor did not back up her staff, but maybe it's a blessing for you to get out of there. it's very sad that nurses are the ones who are getting thrown under the bus for everything that the pt whines about.
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    Quote from vivere
    thank you, my co-worker did back me, but she chastised her as well, didn't believe either one of us.
    better for you to be out of that job then sounds like the supervisor was a real witch!!!!!
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    suspension is a rather harsh form of discipline. I have encountered jobs like that. My current job. I also have a supervisor from Hell. No one likes her. But my company, can and do listen to workers. We all decided to call the hotline on her. Since then, she has toned down a notch. She is bearable. She is approachable, she is no longer a witch! See managers should have someone to answer to as well if the staff do not get along with them. Having a bad supervisor can make your life a living hell. I have lived in that hell; a bad manager who is heartless and don't listen to her nursing staff.

    At some point in time. Nurses want someone who can relate. If we are on the front line giving the care, day after day, it comes down to saying a simple." I appreciate you". "You are a valuable teamplayer". Not some monster in your face after a shift suspending you, telling you you are nothing, or your work is terrible. No one wants to hear that. We have feeling too! Being put down all the time does quite a number on one's self esteem! And a bad boss will take you on that terrible ride. I want nothing to do with terrible, uncaring supervisors. They have a way of running every one away!

    Hopefully, your next job will be a company that cares about the front line workers, and hear your voice. Look for that kind of job on your next round.

    Take care and all success in finding a more satisfying job!

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    Sounds like you are well out of there and sounds like the facility that you work for next will be getting a wonderful nurse.

    Ironically, managers like the one you describe usually end up with terrible staff. The good staff leave or are pushed out, and the staff that remain typically don't care whether or not they do a good job with patients. They really don't listen to management or care what they have to say, they just do the minimum to get by. So the unit becomes known as a place of hardened and cold people, the tone set from the top down. Thank your lucky stars you will not have to be part of that!
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    You said that you are one of many to resign. That says to me that it is an 'it's either you or me' attitude & you are one of many that become the scapegoat under this manager. It is a shame; but, there are many places like this. Hoping someday, somewhere, someone, will realize the problem lies with the management and not the worker in the pit.
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    I agree - the suspension was way unreasonable and in the long run you'll be better off. This "slam the fist on the table" management doesn't solve anything.
    Even if you'd stayed, what would you do differently? The real problem was never identified.
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    Your manager is a moron. Consider this a blessing in disguise.
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    As long as you documented all that you did for this patient and the visitor you are covered.

    I feel for you also.
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    You know, some managers just don't know how to manage their way out of a paper bag. Now there may be other issues here that we don't know about. But when I used to get patient complaints I used to at least talk to the staff member and get their side of the story, or even before that, ask some of the other staff how it was going with that particular patient and family. Usually I would go talk to them myself so I could assess for myself if they were crazy or not. Some people are going to complain no matter what you do. You could be walking on water and they would not be happy. So who knows. But I think suspension is extreme. In one hospital where I used to work, we had a customer service class. If we had someone who needed communication help, we sent them to the customer service training class. Sometimes it helped, sometimes not.