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  1. Chanta2

    ADD and social anxiety need advice

    Hi Jewelspassion, Well with my son, I did see a personality change. He is more poised; and he is not out of control& socially inappropriate before he got on the medication. So that is a good thing for us. He is 7 years old. He is still developing and my parenting style has helped us deal with his disorder. Do I think the disorder is over Dx. I do not think so. Psych disorders are just as real and need to be addressed as well. What is the use to having a body that is not in sync with your mind and soul? I support all Dx. of this disorder. I am so glad I got the treatment now and that is all that matters.
  2. Chanta2

    ADD and social anxiety need advice

    Hello everyone, I have extreme and profound anxiety to the point I do not go to the supermarkets. Got worse after I had my 3 children. I finally went to a therapist and got some help. My 2nd session is in a couple of weeks. My son was Dx with AAHD. The puzzle is finally coming along. I had no idea that I could have ADD. My therapist told me that girls are often overlooked as having it in elementary schools. I just know that I have never worked up to my ability because of the overwelming nature it makes me feel. I just could not put my finger on what was wrong with me. Do not let me get started about keeping a job for more than 2 years. I have counted over 200 jobs that I have went thru.(I'm 41) over a twenty year stretch. I just get so overwhelmed, was labeled as being lazy, and inconsistant. I do not start any big projects fear of not finishing it. I have learned to do as little as possible in life so that my anxiety did not get the best of me. I have never worked a 80hr week. I can only do 3-4 days a week. I can work a double cause it is only being at the job for 2 days out of the week. Because I am a loner, I pretty much kept to myself and thought this was the way I am. I did some soul searching and was honest to myself about what keeps me from enjoying life to the fullest. I have been avoiding life, furthering my education and climbing the career ladder. Pretty much a sitting duck. I am glad that my son will not have to go thru life as I have lived; I have decided to get my other 2 younger children tested for AAHD as well. I do not officially have my Dx. of ADD but I have all the characteristics of the disorder. I recently experimented with my sons Adderall. I was able to complete simple task as laundry, shopping, cooking a meal for my family. I could never do all these things. I can clean my house, but I did not cook, I can shop and cook the meal too! Seems simple to others, but was a task that I have avoided. Thank God for supportive husbands! I can now wash the clothes and fold them up. I do small loads daily, I fold, and and put them away. It may not be on the same day but I complete the task. I cannot tell you how refreshing it feels to be get help. I will be so happy when I am officially Dx. and Medicated! Thanks everyone for sharing your personal experiences about this disorder.
  3. Chanta2

    Dear preceptor

    SweetdreamsRN, so very well said, and so encouraging. Thanks for the positive message!
  4. Chanta2

    i hope i know when to hang up my stethoscope,

    I want to live to be 107. And work until I am 82. As a nurse. I tell my kids that too.
  5. Chanta2

    Very disappointed in treatment by fellow co-workers

    I have to say something in response to your comment. It is easy to say grow a backbone when no one expects to go to work and have to be aggressive or hostile just to work with another female 'nurse'. For the sake of peace, some people will apologize. It has nothing to do with being assertive. For example. I am 6'3". and I am 200 lbs. I have a very gentle demeanor and I am very pleasant and approachable. I always set the tone where I work, just because I always get someone who want to push my buttons. I am respectful and non confrontational. I control myself, I cannot control others. I put all my energies in making my patients comfortable and feel safe. Being in the nursing profession for 20 years I guess some things will never change. "very disappointed in treatment by fellow co-workers" yes I am a female.
  6. Chanta2

    Dear preceptor

    It is hard to keep your chin up when you are getting beat up at work from women who you thought were nurses just like you. The nurses work environment is full of bullies, and demeaning women.
  7. Chanta2

    Dear preceptor

    I also have had preceptors from hell. I counted 20 preceptors in a 3 month period for me. I can recall my supervisor told a nurse to watch me closely. She was so close to me I smelled her private parts! I told her to give me my personal space! She refused to move, I was flushing a pt. or some procedure she just refused to move away. I stood my ground and told her to "MOVE!" I hated that job! The money was great; but I had those awful witch nurses flying over me everyday! That job caused me to have bladder problems. I resigned. My other friend nurse was also being harassed and bullied. Her blood pressure use to go up so high to the point she was close to having a stroke. She also quit. She and I quit because these nurses were so hateful and mean! I have been LPN for awhile, but these nurses felt nursing home nurses were dummies. I cannot begin to explain the grief we endured. I had 20 preceptors! I will end this story. It is causing me grief all over. TO ALL PRECEPTORS WHO CAUSED YOUR SISTER NURSES GRIEF, SHAME ON YOU! (OH, no more bladder issues.)
  8. Thanks, I looked on the EC site and was very pleased with the payment option plan. I am struggling with the price of the classes. Too expensive for my budget @ this time. Any suggestions?
  9. I have been researching online classes. Has anyone taken any of the classes for nursing? Have you passed any exams? Do you suggest the I-Study route?
  10. I remember reading a post of nurses that have ADHD. Maybe they can give you some advice being they share the same struggles that you have.(Try the disability nurse thread)
  11. Chanta2

    Patient Complaints In Spite of Good Care

    suspension is a rather harsh form of discipline. I have encountered jobs like that. My current job. I also have a supervisor from Hell. No one likes her. But my company, can and do listen to workers. We all decided to call the hotline on her. Since then, she has toned down a notch. She is bearable. She is approachable, she is no longer a witch! See managers should have someone to answer to as well if the staff do not get along with them. Having a bad supervisor can make your life a living hell. I have lived in that hell; a bad manager who is heartless and don't listen to her nursing staff. At some point in time. Nurses want someone who can relate. If we are on the front line giving the care, day after day, it comes down to saying a simple." I appreciate you". "You are a valuable teamplayer". Not some monster in your face after a shift suspending you, telling you you are nothing, or your work is terrible. No one wants to hear that. We have feeling too! Being put down all the time does quite a number on one's self esteem! And a bad boss will take you on that terrible ride. I want nothing to do with terrible, uncaring supervisors. They have a way of running every one away! Hopefully, your next job will be a company that cares about the front line workers, and hear your voice. Look for that kind of job on your next round. Take care and all success in finding a more satisfying job! Chanta2
  12. Chanta2

    New Member With ????? About Excelsior

    Lpn2005 How far are you into the program? How long do you give yourself to study for an exam? Just wondering so I can get an idea when I start the program. Chanta2
  13. I am looking for a study buddy. I am starting from the beginning with the Excelsior college studies. I am wanting to know if any one could use a little motivation. My goal is to do at least 2 classes every 3 months. If you are interested please give me a private message. thanks Chanta
  14. Chanta2


    I know you are so happy. I wish you the best with your new job, and your studies!