Patient Complaints In Spite of Good Care


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A confused patient once told me they wanted to shoot me in the face. I didn't call the police and charge him with verbal threats.

Why would a manager take the word of a confused patient over careful documentation of her nurse?

I agree with Batman, you ex-manager was a moron.



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I just want to say thank you to all who took a minute to support me, or just to comment about a similar situation. It crushed me a little to have this happen, because I am very proud of my nursing care, and have always received good responses from families and co-workers as well as from patients. Perhaps I just need to develop a tougher skin, but I was so incredibly insulted by the suspension, that felt I had no choice but to leave. I think it was time for me to leave, the hospital broke out in scandal after I left, and perhaps it would have been even MORE stressful, so God took care of me by allowing this to happen. I now have much more understanding of how a patient complaint will adversely affect the staff, as well as how devastating it can be to have management that does not support the nurse. I still believe that nurses should ALSO have respect and one should feel that they can curse at a nurse, or yell at him or her, or in any way abuse the nurse, and the nurse should not feel her job is in jeopardy if she is the target of a patient complaint. Yes, I could have appealed, but at the time, my hot head took over...and I quit. It's all water under the bridge now. I feel physically better, I am sleeping better, and I am not stressed out on the way to work any more.


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