Nursing School 1900's Style - You Thought Your Program Was Difficult?

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    Pull up a chair and have a cup of tea whilst taking a look back at what nursing education was like at the turn of the last century.

    Remember all this would have been done wearing undergarments (including corsets) and clothing that added about ten or more pounds to your body weight.

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    Wow I actually just read this for about 20 minutes...very interesting. albumin water or 1 oz champagne and cracked ice after surgery? gynecological procedures very interesting. nurses toilet kit/basket...haha!
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    That was like education back in our granparents' days. People would only have an "8th grade education" but if you look at what they were taught it looks like rocket science compared to what kids are expected to learn today. In a little hick town my grandmother had to learn Latin in high school. My daughter is taking honors English and all it consists of is basically reading a couple more books than regular students.

    Such a shame.
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    Very interesting! I'll take my program anyday.
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    whoa..that was brutal! seem like they were housekeepers and wonder the idea still permeates..
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    WOW! Thanks for posting... I am enjoying reading this very much!
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    Very very eye-opening!!!! I appreciate modern times!!
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    You left out the part about walking 20 miles to work every day in the snow uphill both ways...
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    Wow! Those nurses would freak out at my hospital; the windows don't open!

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