Nurses sound off! Steth belt clip or around the neck?

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    How do you carry your stethoscope?
    Do you keep it around your neck, tucked in your pocket or do you have the belt clip?
    Do you even keep it with you?
    Or do you use the (shudder) public, staff use steths?

    Also, what kind do you have and what color?

    I have a Littmann Cardiology III in Plum. (Thank god it was a dark plum.)
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    since I keep my hair up..its around my neck...ooy, another thing around my waist!

    the thought of using the public stethoscope...ewww, that means you are putting someone elses ear junk in your....cuz you know they don't clean it post use!
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    I put it in my pocket.
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    My hair is much shorter now so I wear mine around my neck (makes a big difference if you cut your hair - no sticky/tangling issues anymore).

    I have a Littmann Classic II SE (black).
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    Around my neck
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    I keep my stethoscope in my pocket.
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    I have super short hair, so I keep it around my neck.
    I have a yellow Ultrascope...I am thinking of getting another one in a different color.
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    I'm not a nurse yet, but a Pre-nursing student. During my CNA training I used a cheap Prestige medical dual head stethoscope. We didn't our sthethoscope that much but when we practiced walking around my school taking students bp's mostif us did around the neck. My stethoscope is a clear frosted color.
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    Depends on my day. I have a belt chip but I always seem to get caught on something. Around my neck it gets in the way during the rest of my assessment. Once I get me a nurse fanny pack Ill figure out which way I want to wear the stethoscope
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    I wear it around my neck. My hair is slightly past my shoulders and I almost always leave it down, but I've never had issues with tangling??

    I have a Littmann Cardiology III in a limited edition super light Pearl Blue.

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