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annacnatorn has 16 years experience and specializes in LTC, Home Health, Hospice.

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  1. Hi everyone! Its been a long while since I've been on here to post, but I have been reading from time to time. How I love the stories of your daily lives as Nurses in every area! If you remember me, I had a shoulder accident in Nov 2009 and subsequently had 3 major shoulder surgeries, the last one was a year ago September. I learned a lot about shoulders, how they function and what that part of our anatomy is used for. I also learned a lot about Physical Therapists and Orthopedic Doctors. If I ever need either again, I know who to go to and who to stay away from. This past April, I learned the final diagnosis of my shoulder and the percentage of loss I had. To be honest, I knew already. But, I had to see it on paper, in writing, in black and white. The career I worked to hard for, to create and set goals to obtain is gone. I can no longer lift more than 10lbs in my right arm. (believe me, I have tried and continue to do so every day, I fail, every day) ' I learned what the first Orthopedic Doctor did to me in it's entirety, all the nitty gritty stuff, in writing. Plain as day. He stole my career, my career path, my career goals. All in one surgery, He took it from me. I dealt with a lot of mental anguish during this time, a lot of pain both physically and mentally due to what he did to me. In April, 2012, I decided to go back to school for my MSW Degree. Since I can no longer be a Nurse, I wanted to use the vast amount of education and field knowledge I had to help Families in the final years of life. In June, I started my long road towards my new goal. I will obtain my BSW in 2014 and then on to my MSW, I will specialize in Gerontology. I hope to make the lives of the Families easier as they provide the care needed for an aging parent/sibling/spouse/family member. This is a healing spot for me. I put off writing this for quite some time, but feel that, as I open the next chapter in my life, I need to close the door, just a little on my previous life. Nurses, you all rock! You make the world go round. Your gentle touches and kind words are felt by many. Your willingness to go above and beyond, does not go unnoticed, at least not by the likes of me or my family. I appreciate the "ALL" you do and the "ALL" you give. If it was not for great Nurses out there, I would not have my Daddy with me today. From a has been to a soon to be MSW, Anna!
  2. annacnatorn

    OTJ injury is stressing me out

    CONGRATULATIONS MY DEAR!!!! :redbeathe:yeah::redbeathe:yeah::redpinkhe:yeah::redbeathe:yeah::redbeathe:yeah::redpinkhe
  3. annacnatorn

    Don't you hate secrets?

    YES..FRUSTRATING INDEED....I despise it when informed by IDT members or Family members "dont mention they are on hospice"...WTH? really? Our jobs are hard enough with out having this type of stipulation put on us. I explain..Your time is limited with "loved one"...you need to say all you want to say to your family before you pass and allow your family time to come to grips with your passing. You have quality time, not quantity time left. You must make the best of it. To the Family: Further explain...quality time vs. quantity time. You must be allow yourself to grieve and say and do what you need to do, because when your "loved one" passes you will not have another chance. Last breath, last chance. I also don't like it when certain family members say "don't allow that person in here..I don't want to see them" when they are not the ones dying. Recently, a dear friend passed away and this very issue arose, I needed to intervene, you need to allow this person to come, you go to the room, this person needs to see this person. Fast forward to Funeral: said person is literally having a break down because they did not get to spend the time with their loved one that they needed to come to grips with it. Hospice..only done by those with heart!
  4. annacnatorn

    OTJ injury is stressing me out

    Sanuk, God..an amazing person to talk to. He does not hold anything against you. He knows you. He loves you. Talk to Him, frequently, I do..and I must say that with out my faith and those people that I know praying for me, I would have endured much more. one day at a time dear Sister, one day at a time. You will learn to cut back on those things not needed. analyze your stuff. I had to, all of us that are or have been in this situation have had to. I look forward to hearing about your day to day stuff, it helps to vent, believe me. AND you can vent on here. ALL of us understand you and your stuff. Hugs!!
  5. annacnatorn

    OTJ injury is stressing me out

    I've had one and only one OTJ injury. It's been almost 2 years now, I've had 3 surgeries to try to correct the injury. I've given up my Certification and my dreams. I had to seek an Attorney for help half way through this ordeal. I've had an MD/Ortho NOT do a specific procedure that He billed for and was paid for, which resulted in me having to undergo a third surgery. I've had Sub-Rosa following me around at every turn (I sure hope they caught the glass I dropped when my arm went numb and also the tears streaming down my face from the relentless pain I'm in). I hear you, so loud and clear. My employer, when this first happened, was empathetic..always calling me to see how I was feeling, offered to pay my reg salary, then, When I had to see a specialist, all things stopped. I had to report my injury to WC company..I had to demand the information to do so. I could not walk around with my arm in a sling forever. The day of my first surgery, the company went out of business..or so they say. Leaving me with no job at all to return to in any fashion what so ever. I gave this company my life. Literally. I was the "go to gal for everything" I was on call all the time. BUT...I will say this, once the ball got rolling with WC, I got all I needed, even back pay, yes it's at a fraction, but I did get some money. WC Case management was amazingly wonderful. I had a Overall case manager, and an RN case manager. The lines of communication were open..wide. The reason why I had to retain legal assistance was because I did not agree with the Orthopedic decision to return me to full duty with no restrictions. I know my job..and I know my limitations..I would not trust me to lift anyone at that point, unless they were like say 5 lbs. Hugs...to ya along your journey and prayers for a speedy recovery. If your in the SOCAL area, I know great PT! amazingly awesome...
  6. annacnatorn

    It shouldn't have happened this way....

    This story, makes me want to cry. I deleted the balance of my comment for fear of being flogged...so sad, really. NerdtoNurse...Sending you major hugs! You, are a person I would want to work along side and consider myself blessed!
  7. annacnatorn

    FED UP CNAS!!!!

    BAD...BAD...BAD....Making up Vitals? really. I would never ever do such a thing. It is called Neglect, negligence, false-a-fying medical records. LYING. Grounds to be fired and never ever rehired. Running and Hiding..why? Yes, Dietary should pass trays and pick up. Yes, House keeping should be cleaning the rooms AND bathrooms AND showers AND chairs AND changing out linen barrels. AND restocking linen carts/closets. RN's, LVN's and CNA's: It's OUR job to make sure that the Patients are clean, dry and happy. Get their pain meds and proper care taken and given and CORRECT documentation is done. NO LYING here. ADMINISTRATORS: Proper Staffing please. You know better. 1 CNA to 60 People...really? Can you SAY STATE Ombudsman call or at least "rent a nurse"? Regarding In-Services: don't chew gum and pass out candy ..we are not children..put some effort into your job. really..handwashing...again...for the 4th time in 2 months? Assigning FAVORITE CNA'S to easy runs..we all deserve a break from the hustle and bustle, NO favoritism here. Regarding Glove limitations: I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE THIS ONE..LET ME SEE THE ADMINISTRATORS BE ISSUED A "HANDFULL" OF GLOVES AND EXPECT THAT TO LAST 25 PATIENTS FOR 8 HOURS... ALSO: FEED THE CNA'S SOME GOOD FOOD RATHER THAN DONUTS..AGAIN.. just my :twocents::twocents::twocents::twocents: worth...
  8. annacnatorn

    A vent thread for patients- what can we do better?

    Over the last 2 years I have had 3 shoulder surgeries and I have to say, that the Nurses who attended to me did a superb job. I told them of my issues with Anesthesia before hand, gave them for warning, spoke with the Doctor and Anesthesiologist before all surgeries. My Nurses WERE WONDERFUL...I had No complaints at all about them. I was treated like Royalty. They listened. Great Job... What I do have a problem with is: The Surgical Intake coordinator, with this last surgery, she called to confirm my time..and asked for me by my middle name and when I corrected her..she said "who ever is having surgery" I asked to speak to her Supervisor. Sorry, but that is wrong and we all know it. Second: Orthopedic Doctors. They say they are going to do a procedure, make notation that they did it, charge for it, get paid for it, THEN I FIND OUT THAT HE DID NOT DO SAID PROCEDURE and removed something that he was not supposed to remove and NOT make notation about it and all of this RESULTING in me having to have a 3rd shoulder surgery. Thankyou Dr..so and so..I now have to change careers. In this economy. Thanks. Sorry for the vent, I feel better. As a patient I have never been mistreated as a patient, but I have had to work along side some horrible Nurses who could not even tell if a person had expired or not. Kudos to those who go above and beyond the call and make life easier for those who are in the Hospital.
  9. annacnatorn

    No hospital bed?

    Comfy recliner vs hard hospital bed...yes, a decision that many of my former patients have made. It was hard to accomplish the tasks set before, but, I did what the Patient wanted, It made them happier and in turn it made the Family happier. Vibrating seat cushions were a popular addition if the chair did not have a vibrating mechanism. Being a patient of shoulder surgery..I know how the old comfy recliner is and how it makes me feel, good..wonderful and at ease. In my opinion...what ever the Patient and Family want is what I strived to deliver. Patient happy=Family happy=Nurse happy!
  10. annacnatorn

    Cath'ing Females

    I had a female who was born with genital abnormalities, she was obese..many many folds. It was a difficult task, she was on Home Hospice..Luckily for me 2 of us were sent to do the cath. It took 2 of us! After many many tries and failures, we put a cool rag over the area, whammo..found it! success! We told the family and patient what we needed to do. They were ok with that. Then after we were done, the family told us.."Other Nurses always have a hard time cathing her..we wanted to see what you would do!"..nothing like being tested at 3 am!...Yes the Joys of nursing and the things we do for them and subject ourselves to! Love my JOB!
  11. annacnatorn

    Do you believe in life after death?

    Ditto Hospice Nurse LPN! I could not agree with you more! An Honor AND a Privilege. I can't wait to get back in the saddle again. Hopefully I will be released by the MD in Jan!
  12. annacnatorn

    New Head Start RN think I am being misled

    Head Start has a governing body. It is your main office from which gives you funding. I dont know your area, but I did work for Head start for 10 years, Yes you are correct, an MD needs to sign off on these. Head Start has specific rules/regs that must be followed. A lot of good comes out of Head Start and I loved working there, just needed more of a challenge. Your "County of Education" is key. It is a Federal Funded Program, there is Federal guidelines that must be followed. You should have a manual detailing the who, what, when, where, why and how. Good luck! You are the key to the Children's early health care. Good Health= Learning!
  13. annacnatorn

    Hospice nurse "survival kit"

    Dark Chocolate....Wine....Dark Chocolate.....Wine.... Gift card for a restaurant, munchies, crystal light individual packets in various flavors (sometimes water gets boring), pens, extra note paper/chart forms, pen lights, Small books, personal wipes, comb/brush, breath mints, gum. No Doze! Plus the other stuff mentioned above! Nice Idea! (can I get in on the drawing) Nail care kit, socks....oh the ideas!
  14. Yes, I have. Many times. Mostly by MEN. They think for some reason we are "nurses" to "fleshly desires" as well. We have no choice but to make sure we are dressed as nuns and sometimes thats not good enough. I've had the following done to me both in a Private Home, SNF, & Hospital. 1. Spit on 2. ear pulled 3. Nose "pushed" 4. Breast squeezed 5. Groped 6. hand up my leg from behind 7. Bitten 8. Urinated on 9. kicked 10. slapped 11. etc OOy..the joys of Nursing! We need to have more protection from these people. Because of one incident I WAS INJURED to the point I needed 2 surgeries and I've been off of work for almost 1 year. urg!
  15. annacnatorn

    What would you do??!

    A good job is where you can be happy, regardless of the money. Yes, it does play into it, but Happiness = Healthy n Happy Nurse!
  16. annacnatorn

    Has anyone tried this.....

    You can volunteer in Hospice...they are always looking for people to volunteer. I know, when I was working in Hospice before my injury, I LOVED LOVED the volunteers that made them selves available to the families in time of need, it gave me time to do what I needed to do without having the family over my shoulders. Volunteers bring a sense of warmth and love to any environment.