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to the smokers i work with, please do yourselves and patients a favor by brushing your teeth after smoking. the smell of smoke makes me gag, and i feel sorry for your already nauseated patients. ... Read More

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    Quote from ocnrn63
    ​i'm just going to bite my tongue on this one.
    i wish there was a dislike for this post! i want to hear you speak

    sometimes i wear my hair big and i like it that way, it looks nice on me and i get compliments on it all the is not touching patients ever or anything else aside from me. sure i can straighten it, and often do, but it is a personal preference although i have my own , most likely controversial views, on why my straight hair is prefered. curve hugging or fat hugging? that is usually viewed differently lol. at least where i work. the smokers rarely smell like smoke, the smell of cdiff and ostomies is worse than even the most obnoxious cologne and perfume, in my experience. i wear a lot of make up, even if it is neutral, i know it is a lot and i wonder if in all the lighting i look like cake face? but i dunno if that would be less professional than if i did not wear make up. also scrubs i get compliments from patients and staff on soem of mine that are prints, no one ever commented on the solid color ones which fit well. actually got a negative comment or two on those. everyone thinks everything differently. i dunno. most of the people where i work look professional enough, i suppose. have seen drs where some crazy type outfits though.
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    I think we all probably look like cake face under the horrible hospital lights!
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    Quote from Nurse Fee Fee
    Interesting I work with a nurse who has bad BO, I don't work with her all the time but she works for me on the weekend and every monday I come in I get complaints about the odor and the dress. Spots on her uniform jackets, shirts she wears. Not little spots but biggin. Unfortunately I had to report her to my direct supervisor be cause I was getting to many complaints. At first I told the people that I work with hat they are just use to working with me and seeing how I carry my self. My scrubs are pressed, or folder and pleated quickly out of the dryer, clean shoes, cleans nails, no tips (man saving alot money since taking them off) hair laid, and a little touch of smell good, I have allergies so I can only wear but so much.

    One thing that bugs me is seeing nurses wearing their scrubs pants up under there shoes, I think that is just tacking , but hey if they let you get away with it. I know if you work for me or with me I might have to say something to ya.

    OK waiting for it........( whew hope I don't have any grammatical or spelling errors.....LOL if I do I look good doing

    Even XS scrubs are too long for me, and I'm certainly not spending my days off hemming them. They don't drag the floor but if they sag (no belt loops, no matter how tight I pull the them they sometimes sag) sometimes the edges drag under my shoes and on the ground. Until you have been a person who can't find scrubs short enough, shut it. =D
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    Popcorn is all gone, guess we'll just have to say good night. Oh and BTW clean and neat and odor free is what the OP meant I am sure. This train has run so far off the track it looks like the second act of Harrison Ford's "The Fugative" flick.
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    I am not worthy to be in the presence of such a fine and upstanding make-up wearing, nail polishing, size 6 wearing nurse such as yourself. I hope when they are looking for a new full-time charge nurse they skip over me and go straight to you. Enjoy!
  6. by   amygarside
    I have no problem with coworkers who have big hair or too much make-up. Everyone's different and each person has different preferences in beauty and fashion. If your make-up or hair style doesn't bother patients, then there's no reason for you to change your style. I do have a problem though with poor hygiene, especially with those who have really bad BO. Not only does it affect everyone's work, but it is also extremely awkward to appear nice and friendly to some you hate the smell of.
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    I'm finding this debate very entertaining!
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    Quote from brandy1017
    I'm finding this debate very entertaining!
    Every 2 months or so we are do for one of these posts, also : will being a nurse make my dream of marrying a dr come true, should those that do it for the money be allowed to be nurses, nurses who are fat/smoke/drink/hang out in bars in scrubs, they are alll very entertaining threads.
  9. by   pinkbo0tlace
    I have to agree with the OP to some extent. In January, I had a second trimester pregnancy loss and I have been totally heartbroken. Last month, I went to the ER because I was having constant lower pelvic pains for three days straight. Turns out, I had retained placenta that apparently my D&E didn't get. Anyways, sorry for getting personal... My ER nurse has a friendly personality and knew what she was doing, but had these REALLY long fake nails with cheetah type tips. I was thanking the Lord when she didn't have to put in my IV. (This particular hospital has their own IV team that floats throughout the hospital). But, I was asking myself if those long nails were against the "dress code" per se. I mean, she works in ER... I can't even imagine all the gunk/germs that could be transmitted from patient to patient.
  10. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    When I roll in at 6:00am or 6:00pm, I'm not so much worried about what the other nurses "look" like, but more what they HAVE or HAVE NOT done on the prior shift. You can get away with a mohawk if you started that Bowel Prep in a timely manner!

  11. by   Nurse_Diane
    Never judge a book by its cover.. ya never know, the "untidy" nurses you refer to OP, may have been up all noc with a sick kid, unable to sleep, had a huge fight with the significant other. The list goes on and on..
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    OK, I've gotta have a pair of those.......the area below the breasts is one of THE worst places to sweat, but with triple-D's there's no way around it in the summertime. Can't wait to try 'em. Thanks for the link!
    there is also a product called Anti Monkey Butt powder - it absorbs sweat and reduces chafing...and it has a very very light scent - I coat my boobs in it!!
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    I dont know why you ladies are complaining. Make up is easy to put on. Just ask homer simpson and his makeup shotgun