Nurses, how are you going to vote? 2012 US Presidential Election - page 14

Nurses, Please take a second to vote below! We've polled our members the past 2 presidential elections and nurses got them both right! Let's see if we can predict the election... Read More

  1. by   Miiki
    Pres. Obama
  2. by   chuckster
    Gary Johnson (Libertarian).

    Don't agree with a great many of his views, particularly on the economy but in quite a few things - the war on drugs, women's choice issues and bringing our troops back from the shooting wars to name a few - I share his outlook. He is the only candidate not bought and paid for by one special interest group or another and is someone who understands that the real threat to the republic is the one posed by our continuing drift toward plutocracy.
  3. by   SumeMatsu
    Romney/Ryan. Lets get this country out of the financial mess!
  4. by   itrust
    Already voted, Obama/Biden 2012. I'm not pro-obama just anti-Romney.
  5. by   StinkMomBomb
    However you vote, just glad you are!!!
  6. by   StinkMomBomb
    What does OP mean?
  7. by   itrust
    original poster
  8. by   Skips
    Ron Paul for pres! Writing him in, as he's the only one I really care for.
  9. by   juan de la cruz
    I do not live in a battleground state, hence, our state's electoral votes are already spoken for. I still went out to cast my vote not only for the national elections but also for city and state propositions that affect the lives of citizens in our community.
  10. by   debi49
  11. by   BrandonLPN
    Just as in the actual election, I'm in the majority voting for Obama.
  12. by   Butterfly6890
    OBamBam to continue his presidency!!! ))
  13. by   TaylorDeeLPN
    Obama a incompetent moron. I think not. Mitt is out of touch, arrogant and has ben disrespectful this whole you tell me who the moron is?