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Nurses, Please take a second to vote below! We've polled our members the past 2 presidential elections and nurses got them both right! Let's see if we can predict the election... Read More

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    Nah, I picked the Democratic ticket. But that's still me, so I was right the first time around. >:]
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    BaracK Obama
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    I'm in
    barack obama
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    Let's see Drug shortages: Obama restricts drug companies not to make a profit- / pain management Obama-has insurances restrict care and mandate doctors what procedures they can perform- creates drug addicts and no fair wage is paid to facility or the doctor- a bigger decrease is coming/ / mandates and mandates more to increase the cost of care -Administration ratio to nurse ratio in my area is 1 administrator to every 2 nurses does not include the 2 consultants and lawyer-does not allow for pay increase and makes nurses multi task to the extreme/ Obama- mandates unnecessary tests and procedures so facilities can get paid/ etc.. etc.. VOTE Romney-Ryan
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    Looking out for uteruses everywhere----Obama all the way here!!!
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    Oh yes Ryan. The man who wants to make Social Security a voucher system. Yet he doesn't really broadcast the fact that his father passed away when Ryan was a small boy and HE benefitted from his fathers SS benefits, yet now he wants to change things for those who have been paying in and counting on that income

    Quote from katiewuRN12
    Romney/Ryan!!! Paul Ryan graduated from my Alma Mater Proud to be a Redskin!!
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    Republicans=worried about the almighty dollar in THEIR pockets yep. Sounds about right!

    Quote from lkibling
    I am a nursing student and about to get my RN. I have heard from several physicians that they are voting republican because Obama care will negatively impact their earnings. I am fearful that if Obama wins that it will negatively impact my ability to find employment. I live in a state that always votes republican, according to the electoral college. I really don't see the point in voting. I feel like the electoral college decides who becomes president no matter what the popular vote is.
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    Quote from ColleenRN2B
    Looking out for uteruses everywhere----Obama all the way here!!!
    Lol that was cute I like that
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    I voted for Gary Johnson, because he's what a Republican should be. Someone who does not see fit to have the government dictate how we live, unlike those creeps Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. And if they win, do you really think they'll repeal the ACA? No, they'll just shift more of the burden onto the people. They won't expand Medicaid so those who still can't afford insurance will be socked with fines. Obama is no less of a statist than Romney, though.
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    OBAMA NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I hope everyone has gone out to vote and not just voted in this forum. If you can wait for hours in line for a black Friday sale then yo behind can wait in line to vote.....moving FORWARD Obama 2012
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    Please take a second to vote below!

    We've polled our members the past 2 presidential elections and nurses got them both right! Let's see if we can predict the election results correctly for a 3rd time!

    Of course, these are just fun non-scientific polls.

    This thread was only intended to be a poll. Not a political discussion. Feel Free to reply with your choice if you want, but please no political arguments, slams or jabs Lets keep this a clean and simple poll [/QUOTE]
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