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  1. MusicEMT

    Suicide Is Not Your Answer

    thats a fantastic quote/philosophy! Great article Thecommuter, suicide is kind of a taboo subject in today's society that a lot of peopel seem to avoid talking about, it needs to be dicussed more, along with mental health in general. my thoughts on it are similar to ♪♫ in my ♥'s philosphy but I do believe that everyone is capable in influencing their fate at least to a certain degree, like for example if I really wanted to: I could save up money, go to Somalia and try to become a modern day pirate.. (as silly as that sounds), or I could with lots of training become a body building competitor. the point I am trying to make, is that no matter how dire ones circumstances are in life, there is usually a way out of those despondencies without ending ones own life (although it might not seem to the person at the time). I personally only support suicide if the patient has a terminal disease with absolutely no cure. It especially really pains me to hear about younger people commit suicide, I just always end up thinking about what they could have accomplished with their lives
  2. This is a great post! for me, I am a Tactile/Kinesthetic learner the most, followed quite distantly by visual learner. I 2nd Baxtell's advice on getting a whiteboard (for all you Tactile learners), I got my self a small portable whiteboard last year during my Physiology class and just drew and erased everything over and over and over again till i knew it like my phone number. My grades improved significantly. I am excited for my nursing clinicals because that's when us Tactile/Kinesthetic learners get to shine!
  3. MusicEMT

    The Slow Code: Justified?

    In EMS if they are clearly dead the paramedics can call them on the spot (ie Rigor mortis or decapitation or whatevs) there is a saying in EMS: they are not dead till they are cold and dead i dont know how it is in LTC.. i would assume if they are clearly dead (cold and dead for a few hours) you dont need to start code measures?
  4. MusicEMT

    Coffee Addiction

    I thought the same thing lol! apparently its only in a few states... I do have a Sub-lingual energy spray that i bought at the campus book store.. its quite awesome, kicks in in about 30 seconds but it tastes like cough syrup lol
  5. MusicEMT

    Coffee Addiction

    We have a K-Cup machine where i work and its awesome.. i bring my own and there are soo many different K-Cups out there. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dunkin Donuts coffee! Unfortunately we dont have any DD stores here. They dont sell the K-Cups in the grocery store and the ground DD coffee in the bags is super expensive Caffeine is my drug of choice, im addicted and i wont ever give it up
  6. i want to work as a psych nurse as well.. while working on an ambulance ive transported many psych patients from various facilities (home,jail, schools,other hospitals). and let me tell you those were the most challenging patients (not all but some of them) ive ever had so far.. helping psych patients requires more patience than a buddist monk...diplomatic skills that rival the top diplomat.. and some muscle to keep them killing you lol... you will be yelled, spat, smacked, insulted at.. hell ive even wrestled with one in the back of an ambulance.. as others have recommended try getting experiences in some of these facilities.. but in the end the challenge is rewarding and also can lead to some great stories just my
  7. Take AP Anatomy, Physio and Bio as well as chem.. Math would help alot too.
  8. MusicEMT

    Understanding limited DNR

    if you feel a pulse you dont need to do CPR if you dont feel a pulse start CPR.. unless they have DNR then dont.. "limited" DNRs can come in a bunch of different flavors: No Compressions, Drugs only, No ventilations, no intubation.. etc etc.. in order to find out which of the above it is your going to have to look at the paper.. also Sternal Rubs are a way to check if the patient is unconscious... i refuse to use it because of alot of providers doing it too hard and causing brusing.. abrasions.. especially in older patients two ways i check if their conscious or not (other than yelling really loudly ) is put a pen between then fingers and squeeze and flick their eyelashes a few times
  9. MusicEMT

    Thinking about LVN

    I am a New grad EMT-Basic, due to the economy there is an Influx of EMT'S right now, too many EMT's and not enough positions My eventual goal is to become a CCT (critical care transport) RN or Trauma RN im thinking about going back to school if i cant find a job as an EMT, i first want to become an LVN then eventually RN. im thinking about getting financial aid and going to a private school since the local community colleges here have at least a years wait now i have been checking out the job market for Nursing/LVN's and almost ALL of them require at least a year experince my plan is to Volunteer/Intern (preferably at a hospital) while going to school would that be a wise decision ? would i be able to fit it in my schedule while going to LVN school? would the Internship/volunteer experience help me greatly in getting a job? btw how greatly is the Nursing Industry effected in Southern CA by this economy? Im in Orange County,CA thank you for your replies/help!!!