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Hey all, so for the past 2-3 years i have been struggling to get into a nursing school.. I've been rejected countless times. I have a 3.0 GPA in my pre-reqs, I know thats not stellar but i have no way to retake them currently. I used to be in a private program about 3 years ago, but failed out 3/4's of the way through, failed 2 classes by .2 percent (i was an idiot at the time and was working full time while in an accelerated bachelors program). I took a year off school after that just because i was severely depressed and had no motivation to do anything. I started applying again but i just cant seem to get in. I cant go to a private program due to the mountain of debt i am in from my past nursing school. I've been in healthcare for about 8 years now (worked as an EMT for 3 years, then as a PBX operator at a hospital for 3 years, now at a different hospital as a Transporter/Lift-tech for 2 years).

I am in Southern California, and I know the nursing schools here are ridiculously competitive, but I cant see myself doing anything else but nursing. It's something I wanted for a while now. My family is losing faith that i will become a nurse, and are trying to steer me into a different field, but I absolutely cant see myself doing anything but nursing. Ive been also encouraged by multiple nurses at my work to be a nurse.

Another issue is that I am not getting any younger, im turning 30 this year and yet i still dont have a career and I dont want to wait around forever.

I am absolutely desperate to get in somewhere, anywhere. Ive even thought about the idea of going overseas to Turkey (where my family is from, im also a dual citizen) to get my Nursing degree there (i can speak Turkish quite fluently) and coming back here.

I really dont know what to do, and I hope someone here can provide some guidance.


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Honestly, I think you BEST move would be to relocate away from SoCal. But NOT to Turkey- as if you intend to practice nursing in the US you will face a number of hurdles.

What about relocating and doing a 1 year LPN program? Gets you working quickly, making a living wage and able to go into a bridge program to move to RN.

I started as an LPN because it was what I could afford, and just kept climbing that educational ladder.

Here in IN, our community college system has a one year LPN program with the guaranteed ability to move into their ADN completion program upon graduation/ licensure. Two years total, $7k-ish for BOTH. Likely less since you have significant other college experience.

Something to consider.

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