Nurses are superhuman!

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    I have been exposed to HIV, tuberculosis, C-diff. ..MRSA , VRE , and Hepatitis A. B . and C.

    My immune system..

    Is awesome!!!

    I was exposed to HIV via a needle stick.... tell me about your survival against exposure to the super bugs.

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    I've had MRSA cellulitis three times, C. diff. once. I'm tougher than nails---I managed to stay out of the hospital throughout all of it.
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    I just hope I can get through this ER assignment without getting Lice, Scabies, or Gonorrhea!

    (Kidding about the Gonorrhea!)

    Caught myself scratching my head, better go check!
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    I haven't been sick since I became a nurse (knock on wood). I am pretty sure I am the lone survivor of our unit who did NOT come down with Norovirus the winter (again, let me knock on wood). When I used to ge sick in nursing school I was sick for a day, tops, before my good old immune system came back from vacation and kicked some viral butt!
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    undoubtedly, i strongly believe that we nurses are superheros, for the simple reason we are exposed to so many diseases and at times we are exposed to them prior the pt. being diagnose, and we keep on going! i often wonder if our system truly has become immune to all of these infections & diseases, for instance just last week a child was brought in and after being around us at triage, he was diagnose with tb. therefore, hurray for us nurses
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    I've worked on a children's psychiatric unit... these poor children often came in absolutely COVERED with lice.
    Yet I never picked them up, not one time while I worked there. Same with scabies. Yes!!!

    I also have four and a half years experience in Med Surge, yet rarely became sick the whole time.

    I did severely injure my back during my Med Surge tenure, requiring surgery. So much for me being
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    My head suddenly itches .... :uhoh21:
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    RSV, MRSA, C-diff, RSV, Varicella, RSV, Adenovirus, RSV, scabies, Rotovirus, lice, RSV.

    Can you guess why I was happy to leave Peds and go to NICU?
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    It just goes to show you how unlikely is any broadly immunocompetent person to get an infection from any single exposure to most pathogens.

    It also goes to show why herd immunity is such an important public-health concept.
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    I've had a few times over the years that I got a bug for a day or two, usually when a vent
    hose was disconnected and aimed in my direction, or when someone coughed/ sprayed
    something nasty. Ever heard of covering your mouth, dear patient?
    Usually just load up on meds to control fever/ cough/ etc. and head on
    in - - accrued time off is for vacations or pre- scheduled days off.
    I figure that if I'm miserable I might as well be at work.

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