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  1. threelittlebirds

    References Called After A Job Offer?

    That's what I was thinking. They offered me the job and I accepted, but maybe it's not a "formal" offer until after my background check and drug test come back clean? I just assumed that they would have checked my references before they made a job offer at all. Thanks for your quick reply! I really appreciate it.
  2. threelittlebirds

    Nurses are superhuman!

    My first three years of nursing school, I was sick (miserably sick!!!) for a week every two months. Sinus infections, tonsillitis, colds, the flu...Now that I'm finishing up my fourth year, I haven't been sick for a very long time! I guess my body finally built up an immunity to absolutely every bug out there!
  3. threelittlebirds

    References Called After A Job Offer?

    I accepted a position a couple of weeks ago, and filled out some paperwork and went in for my drug test. I haven't met with HR, but talked to her on the phone...she said we could wait on the rest of it, since I won't graduate for a few weeks. I just got an email from a professor letting me know that she got a call, as one of my references...Is this normal? Wouldn't they check the references before offering me a job? I'm getting nervous, now, that the job will fall through (for whatever reason!)
  4. threelittlebirds

    how do you think my interview went?

    Sounds like it went very well :) Hang in there, good luck!!!!!
  5. threelittlebirds

    How to interpret ecg strips

    Honestly, I couldn't "get" ECGs until I took ACLS and PALS and had to memorize them. My instructors taught them, but I never really understood until I sat down with the material right in front of me and took practice test after practice test. PALS has a wonderful section at the back that shows different rhythms and how to recognize them, and the ACLS pretest (on their website) was really helpful too! You can buy the books on amazon, I think.
  6. Something else to consider- going out of state for your education. The college I am graduating from has an excellent nursing program, and it was not difficult to get into, if your grades are good. (I had a GPA of 3.5, I think, when I got in- minimum was 2.75, but no one ever gets into a program with that.) I know how impacted everything is in California, and I suspect it is the same, if not worse, in New York. Going out of state was the best thing I ever did, even if it means living somewhere that's not home for a few years. PM me if you want more information about my program! BSN, 4 year guarantee...
  7. Okay, I'm not comfortable with the personal judgments going on in this thread, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This forum is not, contrary to popular belief, about exchanging harsh judgments. Sorry, OP, that you're seeing this- shouldn't happen. Let's all stop throwing around the criticism and nasty tone, shall we? Here's my experience on the job search: I graduate in 5 weeks and was hired into a spectacular position last week. It's not in my ideal area (I'm a Californian, this job is in the northwest), but the pay is excellent, the unit ideal, and the cost of living very, very low. I will have no problems at all paying off my loans and starting an independent life- and I'm only 21. Years ahead of most of the people I graduated with!! This said, I'd already put out 20 applications in California, of which half were ignored and half got immediate (like, ten minutes later) rejection letters. The economy was just beginning to crash when I went to college, and we thought it would get better by the time I graduated...well, it didn't. But it didn't necessarily hurt me any, so I think your chances are good, even if things stay crappy. If you want to be a nurse, be a nurse! If you're looking at a program that'll require 2 years of prereqs, even better- work as a CNA and see if you like it. (Though, I didn't, and it worked out okay for me.) This is your call, and the beauty of being in high school is that you have all kinds of time to figure it out :) Just leave your options open while applying to colleges. My experience in getting into nursing: I knew when I was a junior in high school that I wanted to be a nurse, too, so I applied only to schools with excellent nursing programs. If you're not sure that a school has a nursing program, you can check online under the majors they have offered. Or, if you're getting confused (I know I was!!), call and speak to the recruiter directly. They can tell you exactly how the process works, which classes you need to take before applying to the major, etc. I've found that the collegeboard.com was a great resource for me, but it has been 4 years since high school, so things may have changed! Your teachers and high school guidance counselor should be able to help a lot. Ultimately, it's your decision, and you have time! Keep your options open by getting great grades, good SAT/ACT scores, and taking classes that may help down the line (like Anatomy and Physiology instead of Physics, for example, and Statistics instead of Calculus), and you should be just fine.
  8. threelittlebirds

    New RN, what kind of makeup can I use to cover a tattoo?

    My boyfriend has to cover his tattoos, and he wears long-sleeved underarmour heat gear. It actually keeps him cooler. They also make flesh colored sleeves that you can wear just on that arm to cover tattoos, and maybe a bandaid (of whatever size) on your chest? This is similar to the sleeve that he has, but he's found that the underarmour's a lot more comfortable: Ink Armor Full Sleeve Temporary Tattoo Cover Up at Tat2x.com
  9. threelittlebirds

    going rate of pay for dialysis nurses

    New grad, northwest, acute/chronic, $23/hour. Hope this helps!
  10. threelittlebirds

    Question: infant vomiting

    Are you a nurse?
  11. threelittlebirds

    Urgent: need help with important project.

    Thank you for the laugh :) This made my night!
  12. threelittlebirds

    Urgent: need help with important project.

    Haha...you should be safe. I'm a 20 year old nursing student and I was the first one to say something. I'll protect you! There's absolutely no way anyone can accuse me of young-eating! :) Although now that I say it, what do you bet somebody will prove me wrong...
  13. threelittlebirds

    Urgent: need help with important project.

    As a student myself, I feel your pain, but allnurses.com is not the place to complete your homework assignments. The purpose is to get you out into the community interacting with nurses. I don't know how far along in your education you are, but you will find that doing anything at the last minute will not be conducive to success...and allnurses.com is not your one-stop-shop for hit and run interviews. Good luck with your future endeavors.
  14. threelittlebirds

    Gossiping in the hospital

    I think it does happen everywhere...In a different job, I once heard that I had slept with four of the male managers. I dated one of them casually...and briefly...with no sex at all...years before. Explains why some of the new hires were so gosh darn friendly though. It can be a lot of fun when you hear what they're saying! But makes you wonder where they get it...
  15. threelittlebirds

    Hospital Baby Blankets

    I've experienced this too...many patients have attempted to take advantage of the fact that I am a student and ask for multiple boxes of tissue, wipes, toothbrushes, toothpaste....because apparently being a semester away from my degree is equivalent to being blind to all of the supplies they have hoarded in plain sight.
  16. threelittlebirds

    Waking Up Is Hard To Do...by the Laryngospasms

    I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing! :)