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obviously, i would love to hear what your facility is doing to honor nurses week. my budget this year is approximately $600.00 however, i have involved subway restaurant, domino s pizza, and... Read More

  1. by   Bortaz, RN
    We no longer have Nurses Week at my place. Now it's Hospital Week. I can't resist an eye roll when I think the words Hospital Week.

    They're serving BBQ lunch to day shift, along with 5 minute massages and manicures. Night shift...not so much. I think the plan is to deliver sandwiches to us on the unit.
  2. by   Pepper The Cat
    We don't get "thanks". The leaders at our hospital think nurses' week should be about promoting the professionism of nursing.
    So we get speakers in that we can attend on our lunch break - they will provide coffee and cookies but not lunch. They also will not bring in extra staff so that we can get off the floor to attend these speakers!
    One day they will have free coffee break.
    They do deliver pizza to the evening and night staff on one night.

    But no presents, no thank yous, no ads in the paper that say thank you (other hospitals do this).

    At the Christmas party they gave out "goodie bags" that included a request for money to the new expansion! (Merry Christmas- give us some money!)
  3. by   amoLucia
    Quote from LindaB73
    First shift gets lunch. Second and third - nada. We are lazy and worthless
    And we're supposed to be appreciative when stuff for 11-7 has been left out unrefrigerated and picked over (sometimes with pickings visible) WHEN stuff has been left. I'll pass, thank you! There's something very unappealing about grilled, shriveled hotdogs that need to be nuked. Just one of my pet peeves, sorry!
  4. by   tokmom
    They have blended hospital week with nurses week, so we don't get our own week. However, they are feeding us well one of the days. I work, so free grub for me, lol. Nights will get a nice breakfast in the morning, I think..

    Our managers aren't doing anything for us, but they gave 2 nurses money to buy some small goodies. It will be interesting to see what we get. The boxes are it's not going to be a lot!
  5. by   canesdukegirl
    The greatest gift I have ever gotten for Nurses Week was a 20 minute massage. A massage therapist came up to our unit with massage chair in tow, and let me tell ya, was HEAVENLY!

    This year, our hospital has all kinds of luncheons, mini-seminars, speakers and socials. However, all of these events occur in an auditorium during hours that most nurses can't attend. Most of our nurse managers and administrative staff attend because they have flexibility in their schedules. We as staff nurses hear all about how wonderful the speakers are, how tasty the luncheon was, and how nicely the events were planned.

    What bothers me most is when our senior nurse leaders spout on and on about these events and say, "You should really make it a point to go." Then the staff nurse says, "Well, can you cover my shift so I can go?" More times than not, the nurse leader/manager suddenly has something very important to do and 'hopes you can get someone to cover'.

    I applaud facilities that take the time and invest money into celebrating Nurses Week. It would be even better if the mini-seminars, luncheons and speakers could rotate through units so that EVERY nurse can enjoy and celebrate Nurses Week.

    To the nurse managers that cover staff members so that they can enjoy these celebrations-HATS OFF TO YOU! It means a great deal to staff nurses to be recognized for all of their hard work. It means even more if they can participate.