As a nurse, what does it mean to be in medicine? - page 2

Is it wrong terminology to say you are in medicine if you are an ICU nurse? I know when one says, " i am in medicine" it most oftens refers to a medical doctor. However, don't nurses practice medicine too? Especially in... Read More

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    Licensed Independent Practitioners practice medicine.

    Nurses practice nursing.

    LIPs and nurses both work in healthcare.

    The roles might get blurry in the ICU but you certainly practice nursing, not medicine. If you practiced medicine there would be no need for the MDs in the ICU.
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    Thanks to all that responded objectively. Wow, the opinions are little more aggressive than I sought! I was not trying to offend anyone, so apologies to anyone that might have taken this the wrong way. I was only trying to get clarification--I did not say I or myself said anyone used the terms "practicing in medicine' to mislead anyone. Just a curiousity/question that in my mind, that needed clarification. So thanks again, to all who so eagerly responded.

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