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I have a question and a concern. There is a nurse where I work that calls in prescriptions to the local pharmacies for anyone that wants one. Not for narcotics or anything like that but if someone needs a refill for their lasix,... Read More

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    Report her before Miss Doctor only in her head kills someone!
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    Quote from OrNurrse03
    She is a threat to patient safety in all levels. She needs to be reported and you need to fail a complaint with Wal-mart. She picked up a prescription in your name. Whose to say that she is diverting drugs that way too (narcotic or not). It's still wrong. This is your challenge to do the right thing as a professional. Remember the code of nursing that you recited at graduation. Stick to it.!
    I imagine it might vary by state, but I know that one can pick up a prescription for other people (at least for non-narcotics). So I don't know that Walmart necessarily broke any laws.
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    This problem is bigger than the threat to patient safety, the nurse is a known threat to management and staff and they are afraid of her, it sounds like she has a personality disorder and is volatile. I would seek legal advice regarding duty to report and would consider resigning.
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    Quote from nurse42long
    How do I report this to BON? Anyone know the procedure? I'm new at this job, less than two months and this nurse has been here 24 years. The Nurse Manager is aware of many things this nurse has done. In fact, the NM told me that "she is crazy, don't mess with her". Evidently she has stalked the NM to point of her needing to change her phone numbers. Everyone I've listened to here has told me that Administration is afraid of her. Other than this I really like this job, but I'm thinking I may just have to cut my losses as I don't need this kind of drama in my life. This is a very small rural hospital, everyone knows everyone and I'm not from around here.
    As far as the Bactrim, she went to Walmart on her hour long break and picked it up for me. Then asked for the $4.00! Afterwards, I realized that this got me involved, which is probably what she wanted. If I report her, won't I be on the line as well? I'm actually a little afraid of this person. Maybe a lot afraid.
    Did she assume you went to the local Walmart for a pharmacy, and used your insurance???--and the pharmacies have some strict policies on just giving meds to anyone for you-- Was the script in her name or yours? If she went the pharmacy on your behalf, please advise the pharmacy to not dispense any meds to anyone but you--if she is that "crazy" she could be calling anything in to the pharmacy under your name and picking it up.
    Otherwise, I would call the BON or email them and report it. It seems to me that management knows this is going on, but choosing not to do anything about it--because she is crazy???? But takes care of patients????
    If you choose not to call the BON, protect yourself first. It sounds like a scam to call in meds, and "go pick them up herself" FOR you. That is crossing the line into your personal life. And is creepy. So look out for you.
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    Thanks to all for your advice. I wanted to hear from nurses but in an anonymous way. And I appreciate all the comments. I have since talked with a few friends and family (psychologist, lawyer-nonmedical type, and an HR person, again non-hospital) and the consensus of opinion is to get away from the situation. This situation has existed long before I got there and I'm not the clean up crew. That's what my lawyer friend said. Also as some of you pointed out this woman is not stable, and is either crazy or criminal or both and it's not up to just me to fix her and this situation. I do plan to call the BON and ask a hypothetical question and see how involved I would have to get to report this. I'm also going to put in for a transfer to one of the other floors, (we only have one med-surg floor, OB, ICU and ER) so my prospects are limited. I was really looking forward to working at this little hospital as the OB Dept was low risk and well equipped and fairly well staffed, but oh well.
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    If the nurse manager isn't doing anything, I would speak to do the doctor about it. Just tell him that she called in a prescription for you, under his name, and are you okay with that? He needs to know.
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    She picked up the abo?!? Wow. You are so involved now. Go to the nursing board and report everything about your case specifically. Only report other times she did this if you have names/dates. That is the only way you can protect yourself. And yes she did this on purpose to get you involved. Screw talking to your NM about this.
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    Your lawyer friend may be correct within the law, but we also have moral and ethical boundaries to observe.

    Call the BON, tell them you have become aware of a situation that needs clarification, tell them the details that you personally know (calling and picking up a script with no MD involvement).

    You aren't the clean up crew? Who knows but that you have been put there for a reason? She is dangerous, in more ways than one. "Admin is afriad of her" why? because no one is willing to stand up for what is right. The BON exists for just this type of situation. Restraining orders exist for this type of person.

    Side line quarterbacks have it easy, I know. But ask yourself, do I do the right thing, or the easy thing that leaves others at risk.
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    Quote from RNdynamic
    I say leave it alone. It sounds like this is the culture of the workplace. Let the nurse and the doctor work it out between themselves, without interfering in their relationship. Nurses fill out paperwork for doctors all of the time, and then just have the MD sign it. At our hospital, we fill out restraint order forms for them and just bring it to them to sign; because it's expected. Just leave it alone.

    And you are not legally responsible to report this either. Mandatory reporting applies in cases of elder abuse, child abuse, etc.
    She's not filling out paperwork. She's prescribing medication to co-workers under a doctor's authority without the doctor's knowledge or consent. It's unethical and dangerous. So I don't care whether mandatory reporting specifically mentions that exact thing or not.
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    WOW. More and more shocked by nursing in this country.

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