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My colleagues of all stages, please take a moment: There has been a rash of suicides and suicide attempts in my community and it has driven me to write this note. After the devastating loss of a nursing student, I just....I... Read More

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    my 23 yo dtr has lost 4 friends to suicide.
    one in 2009 and 3 in 2012.
    two of these people were sister and brother.

    just last week i was speaking to the dad of the 2 siblings...
    and he is going to be renting a hall to throw a huge party in celebrating life.
    we are hoping this will unite all the despairing young people who are losing their friends to suicide.
    kind of a 'reach out and touch someone' party...we adults are here for you.
    to me there is nothing more tragic than suicide - attempted or otherwise.

    thank you cp, for this profound reminder.
    it seriously gnawed at my core.

    (((noogies))), since you're not a 'huggy' person.


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    Quote from buytheshoes11
    Thank you for this CP! It makes me want to print out lots of copies and hang them all around town.
    ^ and on AllNurses as well.

    This is needed to be drilled in each nurses mind YESTERDAY: be your OWN advocate.

    Seek out help...create a safe haven to vent, work things out, etc. I LOVE my therapist!!! The best self care choice I made in the past 5 years...and well worth it!!

    Thanks CP ((HUGS)) (even though your are not a "hug" person, THIS is when a hug is needed, IMO )
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    I don't know where I'd be right now without the support network I have, which includes not only family and RL friends, but my AN buddies and the most awesome psychiatrist alive. All y'all have kept my feet on the ground when I just wanted to disappear, and helped me dig out of depressions so deep that I needed light piped in to me.

    In fact, I hope someday that I can make everyone understand what their efforts have meant to me.....I'm the suicide that never happened because of the people who cared enough to pull me back from the edge.
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    Thank you for bringing this to light. So unbelievably important to address!
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    Suicide cases?Not just in your area CP, that's what I realized after my dad ended his life almost 8 months ago! There were a lot of people in our place who ended their life before and even after his death..I can still feel the pain of his loss,,he has depression! and there was a time I really felt disappointed about myself, being a nurse who had not done anything to save my father's life!I feel devastated! But life goes on,,it must...
    I hope you'll feel OK soon!!
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    Lost my little brother to suicide.....its tragic...

    I just dont understand why most of the world refuses to take mental health seriously....

    Mind Boggling......

    Anyway fellow peers, remember to make assessing for the possibility of self harm everytime you assess your pts a priority

    At HCA where I work it is standard procedure and at the VA where I trained it is mandatory.......

    Also please remember, if you are familiar with someone who is very depressed and suddenly they take a 180 turn and seem very happy....this is the time to be on guard for suicide....often it does not mean they are getting better...it means they have a plan in place to end their pain.....

    We were all elated when my brother turned the corner and seemed so happy after not being happy for so long, then we were shocked the next day when the police came to our door......

    Be vigilant...
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    Thank you for this. I have battled with depression since I was a teenager. We have to be reminded that there is help out there. Sometimes we have to be willing to seek it out. Thank you CP for posting this.
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    I am sorry that you have lost people in your community.
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    Thx Cheese......profoundly written and deeply felt.....We all need to be aware of ourselves and those around us. I have lost 2 students to suicide...I think I will print this and hang it in my office.
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    You rock. You are lighting a candle rather than cursing the darkness. Nurses NEED ONE ANOTHER so much! Just wanted to tell you this is one of the best things I've read in a long time.
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