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NOCS: How to darken a room?

  1. 0 I will be starting on nights soon and tend to have a hard time sleeping sometimes so darkening my room is of highest priority to me.

    I have been looking into Blackout shades. I would like an inside mount but would that block 100% light? Wouldn't it leak through on the sides anyway? I live in Arizona so I need something that WORKS. I know an outside mount would work but I don't want something that is going to look bad, and I want something that I can use like normal blinds on my days off (ie, I want light in the room). Because of this, aluminum foil is just not an option. Plus, hubby would like some light after he gets home in the day I am sure.

    I need to know what works BEST but is not totally ghetto. I don't really want to nail dark curtains to my wall or whatever. I am not sure I can sleep with a sleep mask either since I spend most of my sleep on my stomach with my face pressed into the pillow...Any tips would be great!:spin:
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    Until my hubs got used to sleeping durning the day, he would hang a heavy blanket up while he was sleeping but it could easily be folded up et put away when he was not sleeping or on days that he was off. It worked really well with him.
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    Sleeping mask is the best. Earplugs also would be very helpful.
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    I am also trying to deal with the same issues as I make the transition from days to nights.

    One question, if anyone can help. How do you wake to an alarm while wearing earplugs?
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    I have to go to bed by at least 7 p.m. and in the summer it is still light out. I have heavy curtains that block the light and I always sleep with a fan on to drown out my family making noise.

    I could never ever sleep with a mask on. Haven't tried ear plugs but I'm sure it wouldn't work since I have tinnitis.

    The curtains can be pulled back to let light in.

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    Sleep in your closet hehehe. Hey thrashej, I was thinking about that too.
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    Home Depot has a couple of options for you.

    First, they sell cellular shades that actually have an aluminum foil type product in between that when pulled, turns a room pitch black.

    They also have special order blinds that are room-darkening and come with varying light filters.
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    When I worked nights, I used a mask plus heavy blinds. I'm a stomach sleeper and the mask was never a problem.

    I used earplugs too. I played a continuous cassette of ocean noises, loud enough that I could just hear it. I forget what kind of alarm I had, but if it's pretty loud and pretty close to you, you can still hear it with the earplugs.

    A fan can also be useful to block noise, especially if the earplugs bother you.

    Another thing I found was that I needed the bedroom fairly cool to sleep. And the phone off. And a sign on the door threatening life and limb of anyone who woke me for less than the direst emergency!!
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    Quote from santhony44

    Another thing I found was that I needed the bedroom fairly cool to sleep. And the phone off. And a sign on the door threatening life and limb of anyone who woke me for less than the direst emergency!!
    I have a note too.

    There is no phone in our room at all.

    I'm a stomach sleeper too and that is why a mask would not work for me.

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    I worked straight nights for many years. I used room darkening blinds (inside the window frame) combined with room darkening drapes which went outside the window frame. It worked very well. I don't like air conditioning much but it helped me block out the day to day street noise very effectively. No phone in the bedroom, "day sleeper" sign on the front door.
    Because I had no on-call responsibilities, I unplugged my phone completely. No answering machine or voice mail. I understand that's a bit extreme for a lot of people but I hated getting up to messages.
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    I bought a bunch of cheap polyester fortrell like fabric in black and hung it across my window folded in half. Voila. Instant darkness.
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    Hi Thrashej,

    My husband has been working nights for 10 years. I have installed Levelor room darkening shades in 3 of our bedrooms. They are inside-mount and allow very little light through each side. I also have curtains hanging to the sides to block the remaining light. They make the rooms completely dark and cool! I pull the shades up in the day when he is not sleeping to allow light in the rooms. They are available in several colors but they are expensive. I purchased these through JC Penney by custom order. He also uses a machine (white noise) to drown out sounds. Good luck in your position!
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    Quote from Glina
    Sleep in your closet hehehe. Hey thrashej, I was thinking about that too.

    OMG, that is too funny! Actually, 30 minutes ago when hubby and I were exploring my options he discovered the closet and he's like, "hey, all you'd need is a blow up mattress and a little fan routed with an extension cord and VOILA! Total darkness". We were laughing but I was TOTALLY thinking about it!!!