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  1. HESI PN Exit Exam - Best Study Guide

    What is the best study guide for the HESI PN exit exam? Thank you.
  2. Passing narcs with the med tech?

    I am sorry for the confusion. Actually, what I meant is to count narcotics with the med tech.
  3. Passing narcs with the med tech?

    I think they are the same as med aide. They had a training for like 8 hours or so.
  4. Passing narcs with the med tech?

    Are nurses allowed to pass narcotics with a med tech instead of the other nurse? Are med techs licensed? Thank you!
  5. Crying all day! Will my NCLEX PN be voided?

    Thank you all for kind words! You rock! On July 20, I was leaving for Europe, for my 5 wks vacation and I was in Atlanta, waiting for a plane; I took my laptop, and checked the AZBON and I screamed :)) My study techniques - I was doing Saunders ques...
  6. Crying all day! Will my NCLEX PN be voided?

    I passed! I am an LPN. Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement. Please do not make the same mistake I did.
  7. Crying all day! Will my NCLEX PN be voided?

    I guess in the rules they say if it is a necessity, it is allowed. But, I am not sure since I did not read the rules.
  8. Crying all day! Will my NCLEX PN be voided?

    Thank you all so much! I still do not know about the results. I tried the Pearson site and it says that my results are on hold.
  9. Crying all day! Will my NCLEX PN be voided?

    It means a lot! Thank you. I guess I will know about the results in 2-3 days.
  10. I took my NCLEX PN exam today. When I came to the testing center, the ladies working there told me to take a number and wait until my number is called. When they called my number, they asked me for my driver's license and they took my picture. Als...
  11. Gateway part time program

    Does anybody know what the schedule is for a Gateway part time nursing program? Thank you!
  12. Gateway LPN Fast Track

    Thank you do much :-)
  13. Gateway LPN Fast Track

    OMG I cannot believe I am writing this. I got the letter yestarday and I am starting in August. I am so happy!
  14. Gateway LPN Fast Track

    The silly thing is, I do not eve know if I got into the program...I got so excited and did not ask does that mean I got the spot or not. If you are in the program, did they call you first to tell you that you got into the program or what? Do you kn...
  15. Gateway LPN Fast Track

    I just got a call asking me if I am still interested in their program. I applied last October and did not get into January program. They will be sending letters in a couple of weeks. Anybody else got a call?