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Ever notice that your values change when you're throwing up? "I don't care about my new $200 shoes.......BLAAAARGH!" Lord, I hate being sick. Especially THIS kind of sick. It's been four or five days (I've lost count) and I... Read More

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    Quote from LTCNS
    The virus spread like wildfire through the 60 bed facility I worked in and we had state survey while everyone was quarantined, on full liquid diets with the aroma of vomit and diarrhea wafting down the halls.

    HAHAHA! Where I work, the state surveyors returned last Monday for our re-survey and took to their heels when we told 'em we had Noro in the building.......we haven't seen them since.
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    Unfortunately the surveyors we had decided to stay and were there for three days, staying until after 5pm all three days. Can you believe we got tagged for odors? Ya' think? LOL!
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    Quote from LTCNS
    I had Norovirus last Christmas and stayed in bed for three days. I went to work that morning, had to leave two hours later and threw up ten times on the 45 minute drive home. I felt like my joints were being slowly and brutally twisted and like my guts were in a war at sea with Blackbeard and his band of evil pirates winning. This Christmas I got the lovely gift of double pneumonia. I have spent the last two Christmases in bed away from family
    If you haven't had the "fun" of this bug, you don't understand the body aches and joint pain on top of the GI symptoms!

    And it wouldn't be Christmas in my family if someone, or usually EVERYONE, wasn't sick as a is as much of a tradition as stockings and presents. Seems everyone I talk to has the same thing happen in their households
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    I'm thankful we got past the holidays before the dreaded Norovirus poleaxed me, but it sure wasn't long afterward. Getting sick around New Year's is MY family's proud tradition.

    Finally feeling normal again.....I even got hungry today! Still can't handle much food at one time, and even the idea of eating anything really sweet or fatty makes me eerily reminiscent of the early hours of the illness. But I don't feel weak or tired anymore, and my poor outraged alimentary canal is healing nicely. LOL
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    Get feeling better! It seems as if this stomach bug is hitting everyone right now. I hope it passes over soon.
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    I have bad memories of working at one hospital. Not only did I get noro when I worked there, I got pertussis as well. Good times, good times...
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    Quote from makayleefusion360
    Get feeling better! It seems as if this stomach bug is hitting everyone right now. I hope it passes over soon. least we know it's going to pass through.... (I'm sorry I couldn't help myself )
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  8. 1 passed through like a freight train!!! LOL. At least it's over!
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