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Hi Everyone, We are having several new logo ideas designed for and wanted to collect your feedback on what you think? We are dropping the .com from our logo. These are the top 3 choices so far. (This does not mean we will... Read More

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    I really loved #101, the only one that kinda captured the community of allnurses and the volume of readers/nurses.
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    I like that there's going to be a change! 101 is my favorite. I also like we are keeping with the yellow and black. Small changes one step at a time. Yay AllNurses!
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    I think the logo is fine the way it is now.
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    Quote from Altra
    I really like design #203 - with the yellow background. I prefer to leave feedback here, rather than provide name and email address on another site which collects personal data for use.
    I thought it would be brian looking at that stuff.......
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    Create a poll on here with the link.

    Like the original logo, myself.
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    Looks like the TV channel Bravos logo.
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    Prefer the current one as well. Couldn't put my finger on it, until pookyp said it. But those others DO remind me of Bravo. Do you really want to connect allnurses with the real housewives? If so, I expect a much more lenient new TOS to go with the new logo.
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    I filled in my name with my chat handle name, and left the email address blank. It counted my vote anyways!
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    I like the original logo mostly because I do not like how the bubble seperates the all/nurses. I feel the current logo reads as a quick allnurses and the seperation makes it sound divided...all/nurses. It almost reads as if it's a different site. THe original one sounds more unifying. Not sure if this makes sense.
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    They remind me of "New Coke"...
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