need a name for ICU's softball team

  1. 1 Any ideas? We need something funny.

    So far we have:
    The resusitators
    The toe taggers
    Team propofol
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    The Bad News Bair Huggers?
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    The Flatliners?
    The Balloon Pumpers?
    The A-Line Aviators?

    ahaa good luck!
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    The Mighty Swans
    The Pressors
    The Peeps
    The Drips
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    I-V Leaguers
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    Public Enemas
    Crash Carts
    Don Gloves
    The Intubators
    Q Signs (that might not really be too funny)
    Shocker Rockers
    Heavy Breathers

    I dunno, I'm usually pretty good with the play on words thing. Let me think on it.

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    The V-Tachs
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    The Panhandlers?
    The Vent Bags?
    The Adrenaline Junkies?
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    What are your team colors? That might help.

    The following I got from google:
    The Scrubs
    Habitat for Insanity
    The Live Wires
    The Shockers
    Victorious Secret
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    I vote for the I-V Leaguers!!!
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    Life Savers!
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    Angels in the Outfield

    The Code Runners (instead of roadrunners)

    The Nightingales
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    Wow, I have nothing to contribute, but dayum you guys are good!!!!!!!!!!!!

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